02-19-19 R2019-01-Emergency-Fire Contracts w/ Townships
06-04-19 R2019-02 -Emergency-Urging State to Restore LGF
09-03-19 R2019-03 Resolution Appointing Ted Lozier Acting City Manager
08-06-19 R2019-04-Emergency Establishing Gallipolis Railroad Freight Station Museum Fund
08-06-19 R2019-05-Emergency Appointing Whitney R. Vilfer Assistant Treasurer
10-01-19 R2019-06-Emergency - Submit OPWC Paving Grant Application
10-01-19 R2019-07-Emergency-OVB Depository Accounts Resolution
11-19-19 R2019-08-Emergency-Accepting Amounts & Rates for Gallia Co Budget Commission
11-19-19 R2019-09-Emergency-Authorizing CM to Advertise for Bids for 2020 Materials, Supplies & Services
11-19-19 R2019-11-Emergency-Adopting County's All Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan
12-27-19 R2019-10 Appointing Theodore R Lozier to City Manager
12-27-19 R2019-12 Emergency- Expressing the appreciation to commisioner Steve E Wallis
12-27-19 R2019-13 Emergency- Gallipolis Railroad Freight Station Musuem's