2012 Ordinances



01-03-12   OrdO2012-01   Change Order No. 3 - Justice Center

02-07-12   OrdO2012-02   Income Tax Collection at Source-Codified Ordinance 181-06(E)

02-21-12   OrdO2012-03   Amendment to GAPA Dated January 10, 2008

02-07-12   OrdO2012-04   Agreement with Jeanne Ingles FNP-BC for Healthcare Services with Employees

02-11-12   OrdO2012-05   Agreement with VSL Signs for Lease of Storage and Parking-Municipal Court

03-20-12   OrdO2012-06   Fire Department, Station Firefighter Amended Ordinance-DEFEATED

03-17-12   OrdO2012-07   Setting Appropriations

03-17-12   OrdO2012-08   Transfer and Advance Funds

03-20-12   OrdO2012-09   Bids-Chemicals and Quicklime

03-20-12   OrdO2012-10   Agreement with Middleport for Housing of Prisoners

03-20-12   OrdO2012-11   Travel Reimbursement Rules Policy

03-20-12   OrdO2012-12   Change Order No. 4 - Justice Center

03-20-12   OrdO2012-13   Setting Compensation for Maintenance Supervisor and Cemetery Sexton

03-20-12   OrdO2012-14   Sale of Gallipolis Islandto US Fish and Wildlife Services

03-20-12   OrdO2012-15   Master Agreement with Electric Aggregation Program

03-20-12   OrdO2012-16   Farmers Market Adjacent to City Park

04-03-12   OrdO2012-17   Change Order 4,5, and 7 Kinsale Corporation - Justice Center

04-03-12   OrdO2012-18   Origination Agreement with OVB

04-03-12   OrdO2012-19   Bids-Henkle Avenue Sewer Improvements

04-03-12   OrdO2012-20   Setting Appropriations

04-03-12   OrdO2012-21   Transfer and Advance Funds

04-03-12   OrdO2012-22   Agreement with Floyd Browne Group Amendment No. 1 for WPCF Improvements

05-01-12   OrdO2012-23   Agreement with Washington County- Boarding of Prisoners

05-01-12   OrdO2012-24   Bids for Water/Sewer Maintenance Supplies, Hydrants, Meters

05-01-12   OrdO2012-25   Change Order No. 8 - Justice Center

05-01-12   OrdO2012-26   Change Order No. 9 - Justice Center

05-01-12   OrdO2012-27   Change Order No.10 - Justice Center

05-01-12   OrdO2012-28   Setting Appropriations

05-01-12   OrdO2012-29   Permit for Charitable Organizations to Solicit from the Occupant of a Vehicle

05-01-12  OrdO2012-30    Bids for Elm Alley Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

05-01-12   OrdO2012-31   Bids - Construction of Administrative Offices

05-15-12   OrdO2012-32   Agreement with Collection Enforcement Section of Ohio Attorney General Office

05-15-12   OrdO2012-33   Removal from Ledger Code Enforcement Office and Utility Office Past Due Accts

06-05-12   OrdO2012-34   Setting Appropriations

06-05-12   OrdO2012-35   Transfer and Advance Funds

06-05-12   OrdO2012-36   Agreement for Vision Insurance Coverage

06-05-12   OrdO2012-37   Consulting Services for Mound Hill Original Road Slip Repair Project

06-05-12   OrdO2012-38   Change Order No. 11, Justice Center

06-05-12   OrdO2012-39   Change Order No.12 with Kinsale Corporation for Justice Center

06-05-12   OrdO2012-40   Agreement with Foundation of Appalachian Ohio to Sponsor Digital River Project

06-05-12   OrdO2012-41   Computer Software Upgrades for Utility Department

06-05-12   OrdO2012-42   Emergency-Agreement with Compmanagement, Inc for Consultation and Administration Workers Comp

06-19-12   OrdO2012-43   Revenue Adjustments for 1994-2007 WPCF and WPCReplacement & Improvement Fund

07-03-12   OrdO2012-44   Golf Cart Ordinance

06-19-12   OrdO2012-45   Application with Ohio Attorney General Office to participate Ohio Forward Grant Program

06-19-12   OrdO2012-46   Agreement with E.L. Robinson for Mound Hill Original Road Slip Repair

06-19-12   OrdO2012-47   Application and Agreement for Funding Victims of Crime Act and State Victims Assistance Act

06-19-12   OrdO2012-48   Emergency-Agreement with Lowest and Best Bidder Repair Work for First Avenue

06-19-12   OrdO2012-49   Emergency-Setting Appropriations

06-19-12   OrdO2012-50   Emergency-Transfer and Advance Funds

07-03-12   OrdO2012-51   Emergency-Setting Appropriations

07-28-12   OrdO2012-52   Emergency-Change Order No. 13-Justice Center

07-28-12   OrdO2012-53   Emergency-Bids for Construction of Municipal Building

07-28-12   OrdO2012-54   Emergency-Setting Appropriations

07-28-12   OrdO2012-55   Emergency-Transfer and Advance Funds

07-28-12   OrdO2012-56   Emergency-Change Order 14 - Justice Center

07-28-12   OrdO2012-57   Emergency-Application to Participate OPWC State Capital Emprovement Local Transporation Improvement Fund and to Execute Contracts - First Avenue Sinkhole Repair

07-28-12   OrdO2012-58   Emergency-Revise Codified Ordinances

07-28-12   OrdO2012-59   Emergency-Authorizing Agreement with Mintaka Financial for Lease of all Allcom LLC IP Phone Systems

07-28-12   OrdO2012-60   Agreement for Design of Headworks WWTP

08-21-12   OrdO2012-61   Agreement with Job and Family Services for Lease of Offices

08-21-12   OrdO2012-62   Inspection of Golf Carts

08-21-12   OrdO2012-63   Agreement with Mintaka Financial Lease of an AllcomLLC IP Phone System for Justice Center

08-21-12   OrdO2012-64    Hospitalization, Medical and Major, Drug, Dental Insurance Coverage Fulltime Employees

08-21-12   OrdO2012-65   Life Insurance for Employees

09.25.12   OrdO2012-66   Amending and Repealing Ordinances Setting Said Compensation Maintenance Employees

09-25-12  OrdO2012-67   Bids-Salt Calcium Chloride and Cold Mix

09-25-12   OrdO2012-68   Setting Appropriations

09-25-12   OrdO2012-69   Emergency-Application  Ohio Public Works Commission -WPCF

09-25-12   OrdO2012-70   Agreement for Lease-purchase of a Tymco Street Sweeper/Two Chevrolet Pickup Trucks

10-16-12   OrdO2012-71   Change Order No.15-Justice Center

10-16-12   OrdO2012-72   Permits to Charitable Organizations to Solicit from Vehicle

10-16-12   OrdO2012-73   Setting Appropriations

11-06-12   OrdO2012-74   Removal from Ledgers Utility Billing Past Due Accounts

11-06-12   OrdO2012-75   Emergency- Agreement with Infintech for Credit Card Payments Utility Department

11-20-12   OrdO2012-76   Setting Appropriations

11-20-12   OrdO2012-77   Transfer and Advances

11-20-12   OrdO2012-78   Community Investment Contributions

11-20-12   OrdO2012-79   Payment to Local Community Entities

11-20-12   OrdO2012-80   Bonus to Full Time Employees and all Appointed Officials

11-20-12   OrdO2012-81   Agreement with Smartbill LTD for Utility Billing

11-20-12   OrdO2012-82   Agreement with Mintaka Financial for Lease of Allcom LLC IP Phone System

12-04-12   OrdO2012-83   Contract with Gallia County-Equipment and Labor

12-04-12   OrdO2012-84   Bids-Asphalt, Limestone and Bedding Sand

12-04-12   OrdO2012-85   Setting Appropriations

12-04-12   OrdO2012-86   Bids for Mound Hill Cemetery Road Landslide Repair

12-04-12   OrdO2012-87   Setting Appropriations

12-04-12   OrdO2012-88   Agreement with Gallia County for Boarding of Prisoners

12-04-12   OrdO2012-89   Agreement with County Commissioners for Payment of Legal Services for City Indigent

12-18-12   OrdO2012-90   Setting Appropriations

12-18-12   OrdO2012-91   Transfers and Advances

12-18-12    OrdO2012-92   Reimbursement of Temporary Advances for the City to be made from Subsequent Borrowing and Declaring Emergency

12-18-12   OrdO2012-93   Emergency Change Order 1 with Hoon Administrative Offices