Ordinance 2015

01-06-15   OrdO2015-01 - Emergency - Agreement with Highland County Sheriff - Housing of Prisoners
02-03-15   OrdO2015-02   Emergency - Agreement with Jeanne Ingles for Employee Healthcare Services
02-03-15   OrdO2015-03   Emergency - Agreement with Canaday Care LLC for Employee Healthcare Services
02-03-15   OrdO2015-04   Emergency - Compensation for Salaried Employees
02-03-15   OrdO2015-05   Emergency - Agreement with ODNR for Riverfront Project Phase I
02-03-15   OrdO2015-06   Emergency -  Agreement with State of Ohio for resurfacing State Route 7
02-03-15   OrdO2015-07   Emergency - Agreement with ODNR Natureworks for Adding Electrical Service City Park
02-03-15   OrdO2015-08   Emergency - Agreement with ODNR Watercraft for Boating and Fishing Access Grant
02-17-15   OrdO2015-09   Amending Section 1139.03 Planning Commission Established
02-17-15   OrdO2015-10   Amending Section 1345.02 Definitions and Repealing the prior version of same
02-17-15   OrdO2015-11   Amending Section 1345.03 Establishment of a Historic Preservation Board
02-17-15   OrdO2015-12   Amending Section 1345.04 Powers and Duties of the Board
02-17-15   OrdO2015-13   Amending Section 1345.05  Procedures for the Identification and Designation of a listed property or Historic Preservation District
03-17-15   OrdO2015-14   Emergency- Bids for Chemicals and Quicklime
03-17-15   OrdO2015-15   Emergency-Bids for City Park Electical upgrade
03-17-15   OrdO2015-16   Setting Appropriations
03-17-15   OrdO2015-17   Transfer or Advance Funds
03-17-15   OrdO2015-18   Emergency-Purchase property 324 & 332 Third Ave
03-17-15   OrdO2015-19   Emergency-Contract with Gallia County for Equipment and Labor
03-30-15   OrdO2015-20   Issuance of Notes  - Cost of Parking Lot
03-30-15   OrdO2015-21   Issuance of Notes - Improving Riverfront by Constructing Boating and Fishing Access
03-30-15   OrdO2015-22   Emergency Payments to Various Community Investments
05-05-15   OrdO2015-23   Emergency-Setting Said Compensation - Tax Administrator Salary
05-05-15   OrdO2015-24   Emergency-Setting Appropriations
05-05-15   OrdO2015-25   Emergency-Transfer and Advance Funds
05-05-15   OrdO2015-26   Emergency-Housing Prisoners with Village of Middleport
06-02-15   OrdO2015-27   Bids-Water/Sewer Maintenance Supplies, Etc
06-23-15   OrdO2015-28   Emergency- Application for Funding Victims of Crime Act and State Victims Assistance Act
07-21-15   OrdO2015-29   Emergency-Setting Appropriations
08-04-15   OrdO2015-30   Adopting Current Replacement Pages Codified Ordinances
08-04-15   OrdO2015-31   Amending Section 377.02 a Inspection of Golf Carts
08-04-15   OrdO2015-32   Amending Section 377.03 a Usage and Restrictions
08-18-15   OrdO2015-33   Emergency-Bids Solid Waste Collection and Disposal
09-01-15   OrdO2015-34   Setting Rates for Solid Waste Collection and Disposal
09-01-15   OrdO2015-35   Payments from Water, WPC and Sanitation Funds to General,M&R Water and WPC for Services
08-18-15   OrdO2015-36   Emergency- Setting Appropriations
09-01-15   OrdO2015-37   Emergency- Agreement with Gallipolis City Schools - School Resource
09-22-15   OrdO2015-38   Emergency-Change Order No 1 with Mechanical Construction
09-22-15   OrdO2015-39   Emergency-Bids for Salt, Calcium Chloride and Cold Mix
09-22-15  OrdO2015-40   Emergency-Bids for Spruce St Lift Station Pump Replacement
09-22-15   OrdO2015-41   Emergency- Setting Appropriations
10-06-15   OrdO2015-42  Emergency-Agreement with USI Insurance for General Liability and Property
10-20-15   OrdO2015-43   Establishing Section 1352 Civil Penalty for Property Maintenance Code Violations
10-06-15   OrdO2015-44   Emergency- Charitable Permits to Solicit from Occupant of a vehicle
11-03-15   OrdO2015-45   Bids-Real Property Thomas Property
11-03-15   OrdO2015-46   Directing CM to sell Parcels known as Old City Dump
11-03-15   OrdO2015-47   Agreement with Highland County Housing Prisoners
10-20-15   OrdO2015-48   Emergency- Video Service Provider Fee
10-20-15   OrdO2015-49   Emergency-Setting Appropriations
10-20-15   OrdO2015-50   Emergency-Transfer and Advance Funds
11-17-15   OrdO2015-51   Remove from Ledgers Past Due Accounts - Utility Billing Office
11-03-15   OrdO2015-52   Emergency-Setting Approprations
11-03-15   OrdO2015-53   Emergency-Transfer and Advance Funds
11-17-15   OrdO2015-54   Emergency-Bids for Asphalt, Limestone, and Bedding Sand
12-01-15   OrdO2015-55   Emergency-Agreement with Butler County Housing Prisoners
12-01-15   OrdO2015-56   Emergency-Notes for purpose of paying road and street improvements
12-01-15   OrdO2015-57   Emergency-Payment of Bonus to Full-time Employees
12-01-15   OrdO2015-58   Emergency-Contract with Gallia County-Equipment and Labor
12-01-15   OrdO2015-59   Emergency-1% Levy on Income for purpose of public safety operations and capital expense
12-01-15   OrdO2015-60   Emergency-Setting Appropriatons
12-15-15   OrdO2015-61   Emergency-Setting Compensation Salary Employee-Wastewater Treatment Superintendent
12-15-15   OrdO2015-62   Emergency-Boundaries of the Downtown Revitalization District
12-15-15   OrdO2015-63   Emergency-Local Option Election Boundaries of Downtown Revitalization District
12-15-15   OrdO2015-64   Setting Approprations
12-15-15   OrdO2015-65   Emergency-Contract for Medical and Major Medical Drug, Dental Insurance Coverage
12-15-15   OrdO2015-66   Emergency-Transfer and Advance Funds
12-22-15   OrdO2015-67   Emergency-Establishing Chapter 189, Income Tax
12-22-15   OrdO2015-68   Emergency-Agreement Gallia County -Boarding Prisoners
12-22-15   OrdO2015-69   Emergency-Agreement with Gallia Co Commissioners - Legal Services Indigent Citizens
12-22-15   OrdO2015-70   Emergency-Setting Appropriations