Ordinance 2016

01-19-16   OrdO2016-01   Plan of Operation for Electric Aggregation Program
01-05-16   OrdO2016-02   Emergency-Agreement with Jeanne Ingles FNP-BC
01-05-16   OrdO2016-03   Emergency-Change Order No.2 Mechanical Construction
01-05-16   OrdO2016-04   Emergency-Agreement with Canaday Care LLC
02-02-16   OrdO2016-05   Emergency-Building Permit Fees
02-02-16   OrdO2016-06   Emergency-Amending Chapter 715.05, fees (Garage Sales)
02-02-16   OrdO2016-07   Emergency- Registration for Municipal Income Tax Dept
02-02-16   OrdO2016-08   Emergency-Cemetery Fees
02-02-16   OrdO2016-09   Emergency-Setting ATemporary Appropriations

02-18-16   OrdO2016-10   Emergency-Setting Temporary Appropriations
02-18-16   OrdO2016-11   Emergency-Change Order#3 Mechanical Construction Co
03-15-16   OrdO2016-12   Setting Appropriations
03-15-16   OrdO2016-13   Transfer and Advances
03-01-16   OrdO2016-14   Emergency-Bids for Quicklime and Chemicals
03-01-16   OrdO2016-15   Emergency-Agreement with State Auditors Office (GASB-34) 2014-15
03-01-16   OrdO2016-16   Emergency- Bonds -Parking Lot
03-15-16   OrdO2016-17   Emergency-Change Order #4 Mechanical Contruction
04-05-16   OrdO2016-18   Emergency-Setting Appropriations
04-05-16   OrdO2016-19   Emergency-Transfer and Advances
05-03-16   OrdO2016-20   Emergency-Change Order No 5, Mechanical Construction
05-03-16   OrdO2016-21   Income Tax Levy
05-03-16   OrdO2016-22   Mobile Food Vending
05-03-16   OrdO2016-23   Sale of Real Property- Gallipolis Railroad Freight 
05-31-16   OrdO2016-24   Setting Appropriations
05-31-16   OrdO2016-25   Transfer and Advances
05-31-16   OrdO2016-26   Application for Victims Crime Act
05-31-16   OrdO2016-27   Sale of Real Property-Gallipolis Island
05-31-16   OrdO2016-28   Bids-Water /Sewer Maintenance Supplies, Hydrants, Meters
05-31-16   OrdO2016-29   Compensation for Salaried Employees
05-31-16   OrdO2016-30   Community Development Block Grant
06-21-16   OrdO2016-31   Codified Ordinance Pawnbrokers amd Secondhand Dealers
07-19-16   OrdO2016-32   Fee Schedule for Property Maintenance Code Violations
07-19-16   OrdO2016-33   Term Life Ins for Employees
07-19-16   OrdO2016-34   Setting Appropriations
08-23-16   OrdO2016-35    Natural Gas Aggregation Program
08-02-16   OrdO2016-36   Setting Appropriations
08-02-16   OrdO2016-37   Transfer and Advance Funds
08-02-16   OrdO2016-38    Emergency-Bids for Riverfront Project
09-06-16   OrdO2016-39    Codified Ordinances Replacement Page
09-06-16   OrdO2016-40    Agreement for Vision Insurance
09-20-16   OrdO2016-41   Grant-ODNR and US Fish and Wildlife Service
09-20-16   OrdO2016-42   Change Order No. 6 and 7 - WPCIP
09-20-16   OrdO2016-43   Setting Appropriations
09-20-16   OrdO2016-44   Transfer and Advance Funds
10-18-16   OrdO2016-45   Highland County Sheriff Dept-Agreement housing prisoners
10-04-16   OrdO2016-46   Emergency Bids-Highway Salt, Calcium Chlordie, Cold Mix
10-18-16   OrdO2016-47   Contract for Hospitlization, Medical and Major Medical Drug and Dental for Employees
10-04-16   OrdO2016-48   Emergency-Agreement with USI Insurance for Liability and Property
10-04-16   OrdO2016-49   Emergency Agreement with Morrow County-Housing Prisoners
10-18-16   OrdO2016-50   Agreement with State Auditor (GASB-34 Look-Alike Statements for 2016-17)
10-18-16   OrdO2016-51   Setting Appropriations
10-18-16   OrdO2016-52   Transfer and Advance Funds
10-18-16   OrdO2016-53   Charitable Organizations to Solicit from Vehicle
11-15-16   OrdO2016-54   Removal From Ledgers Utility Office-Past Due Accounts
12-06-16   OrdO2016-55   Contract with County for Emergency Management Services
12-06-16   OrdO2016-56   Agreement with Middleport Ohio Housing Prisoners
11-15-16   OrdO216-57    Setting Appropriations
11-15-16   OrdO2016-58  Setting Appropriations
11-15-16   OrdO2016-59   Transfer and Advances
12-06-16   OrdO2016-60   Bids-Limestone Asphalt Bedding Sand
12-06-16   OrdO216-61    License Fees-Codified Ordinances
12-06-16   OrdO2016-62  Contract with County for Equipment and Labor
12-06-16   OrdO2016-63  Setting Appropriations
12-06-16   OrdO2016-64  Transfer and Advances
12-06-16   OrdO2016-65   Agreement with Gallia Co-Legal Services
12-06-16   OrdO2016-66   Agreement with Gallia Co-Boarding Prisoners
12-06-16   OrdO2016-67   Payment of Bonus to full-time Employees
01-03-17   OrdO2016-68   Appropriate Real Property 754 4th Avenue