2009 Ordinances



01-06-09  OrdO2009-01  Granting Director of Transportation To Apply and Erect Signs, Consent for Plowing , etc to State Highway inside the Village

01-06-09  OrdO2009-02  Revenue Adjustments on Interest-Bearing Funds

01-06-09  OrdO2009-03  Payments From Water,WPC and Sanitation to General, M&R Streets, Water and WPC

01-06-09  OrdO2009-04  Establishing Sports Program Coordinator and Setting Compensation

01-06-09  OrdO2009-05  Agreement with Ohio Department of Transporation for Road Salt

01-20-09  OrdO2009-06  Setting Temporary Appropriations for 2009

01-20-09  OrdO2009-07  Agreement with ODOT for Paving State Route 160 from Second Avenue to Northwest  Corporation Limits

02-03-09  OrdO2009-08  Setting Appropriations

02-03-09  OrdO2009-09  Transfer and Advance Funds

02-03-09  OrdO2009-10  Agreement with Comp Management, Inc for Consultation and Administration  With Respect to Workers Compensation Matters

03-03-09  OrdO2009-11  Amending Chapter 505, Animals and Fowl, 505-14, Dangerous and Vicious Dogs, Codfied Ordinance

02-17-09  OrdO2009-12  Setting Appropriations

03-03-09  OrdO2009-13  Setting Appropriations

03-03-09  OrdO2009-14  Purchase of Two Police Cruisers Through State Cooperative

03-03-09  OrdO2009-15  Bids - Chemicals and Quicklime

04-07-09  OrdO2009-16  Setting Appropriations

04-07-09  OrdO2009-17  Transfer and Advance Funds

05-05-09  OrdO2009-18  Application and Agreement if awarded for the ODOD'S FY 2009 CDBG Formula Fund- Paving of Streets

05-05-09  OrdO2009-19  Application for Funding Communicty Corrections Act for Jail and Prison Diversion Funds

05-05-09  OrdO2009-20  Bids-Water/Sewer Maintenance Supplies, Hydrants and Meters

03-03-09  OrdO2009-21  Establishing Guidelines for Employee Funds

05-08-09  OrdO2009-22  Revenue Adjustments for the Years 1994-2007

05-19-09  OrdO2009-23  Revenue Adjustments for Years 1994-2007-WPC Fund WPC Repalacement & Improvement Fund

05-19-09  OrdO2009-24  Setting Appropriations

05-19-09  Or2O2009-25  Transfer and Advance Funds

06-02-09  OrdO2009-26  Setting Appropriations

06-02-09  OrdO2009-27  Transfer and Advance Funds

06-02-09  OrdO2009-28  Contract with US Bridge for Slip Repair-Mound Hill Cemetery

06-02-09  OrdO2009-29  License Tax - $5.00 Per Motor Vehicle- DEFEATED

06-16-09  OrdO2009-30  Application and Agreement if awarded for COPS Grant

07-07-09  OrdO2009-31  Setting Appropriations

07-28-09  OrdO2009-32  Agreement with Local Government Services Section of the State Auditors Office for 2009-2010

07-28-09  OrdO2009-33  Contract with Breech Engineering for Design of Municipal Building

07-14-09  OrdO2009-34  Setting Appropriations

07-14-09  OrdO2009-35  Reimbursement to County Treasurer for Tax Increment Financing Fund

07-28-09  OrdO2009-36  Applications for FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant

07-28-09  OrdO2009-37  Application and Agreement if awarded for Funding Under the Victims of Crime Act and State Victims Assistance Act

07-28-09  OrdO2009-38  Contract with GDC for Sewer Collection Services

07-28-09  OrdO2009-39  Agreement with Quickcare LLC for Health Care Services for City Employees

07-28-09  OrdO2009-40  Contract for Hospitalization, Medical, and Major Medical Insurance for Employees

07-28-09  OrdO2009-41  Term Life Insurance Coverage for Employees

07-28-09  OrdO2009-42  Setting Employees Portion of Payment for Hospitalization, Medical and Major Medical

07-28-09  OrdO2009-43  Setting Appropriations

08-20-09  OrdO2009-44  Setting Appropriations

08-20-09  OrdO2009-45  Establishing Positions of Code Inspector and Water Distribution/WPC Collection Crew Chief/Operator-State Certified and Setting Compensation

08-20-09  OrdO2009-46  Revise Codified Ordinances By Apopting Current Replacement Pages

08-20-09  OrdO2009-47  Contract Modification No.3 for Professional Consulting with Gannett Fleming Engineers-Farm Road Phase II

08-20-09  OrdO2009-48  Agreement with Travelers Insurance Agency for General Liability and Property Insurance

08-20-09  OrdO2009-49  Contracts for Mill Creek Road Resurfacing Project

09-15-09  OrdO2009-50  Agreement with State of Ohio and Gallia County Historial Society for Guaranty Project Bond

08-20-09  OrdO2009-51  Application and Agreement if Awarded 2009 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant

09-01-09  OrdO2009-52  Setting Rates for Solid Waste Collection and Disposal

09-15-09  OrdO2009-53  Sewer Rates of the Codified Ordindance

09-15-09  OrdO2009-54  Setting Appropriations

09-22-09  OrdO2009-55  Adding an Addendum to an Employment Agreement with C. Joseph Woodall and Accepting the Resignation of C. Joseph Woodall as City Manager

10-06-09  OrdO2009-56  Setting Appropriations

10-06-09  OrdO2009-57  Transfer and Advance Funds

10-06-09  OrdO2009-58  Setting Compensation for City Manager

10-06-09  OrdO2009-59  Appointing Randall J. Finney City Manager

10-06-09  OrdO2009-60  Bids-Salt,Calcuim Chloride, and Cold Mix

10-06-09  OrdO2009-61  Application and Agreement if Awarded for Funding Under the Community Corrections Act for Jail and Prison Diversion Program Funds

10-06-09  OrdO2009-62  Application and Agreement if Awarded for Funding for the OCJS Probation Grant

10-06-09  OrdO2009-63  Application and Agreement if Awarded for Funding for OJP Rural Law Recovery Act Grant for Probation Department

10-20-09  OrdO2009-64  Application and Agreement if Awarded for 2009 JAG LE Program Funding

10-20-09  OrdO2009-65  Bids-Asphalt, Limestone and Bedding Sand

11-03-09  OrdO2009-66  Bids-Removal of Asbestos Davis Hall

11-03-09  OrdO2009-67  Bids-Demolition of Davis Hall

11-03-09  OrdO2009-68  Enter into Addendum No. 1-2009 with Volunteer Energy Services,Inc

11-03-09  OrdO2009-69  Setting Appropriations-DEFEATED

11-17-09  OrdO2009-70  Contract with Gallia County for Equipment and Labor

11-17-09  OrdO2009-71  Deleted from Agenda

11-13-09  OrdO2009-72  Bonus for all Permanent Full-Time Employees

11-13-09  OrdO2009-73  Payments to Various Entities for Community Investment Contribution

11-13-09  OrdO2009-74  Setting Appropriations

11-13-09  OrdO2009-75  Transfer and Advance Funds

11-13-09  OrdO2009-76  Establishing Guidelines for Employee Fund

11-13-09  OrdO2009-77  Temporary Appropriations for Current Expense for 2010

11-13-09  OrdO2009-78  Authorizing Payment to Outreach Center

11-17-09  OrdO2009-79  Contract with D.V. Weber Construction Inc for Force Main Relocation for ODOT State Route 850 Project

12-01-09  OrdO2009-80  Permits to Chartible Organizations to Solicit from the Occupant of a Vehicle

12-01-09  OrdO2009-81  Agreement with Gallia County Commissioners for Legal Services-Indigent