2010 Ordinances



01-19-10  OrdO2010-01  Agreement with Gallia County on Boarding Prisoners

01-19-10  OrdO2010-02  Amending Chapter 909, Sidewalks, of the Codified Ordinance

01-19-10  OrdO2010-03  Bids for Spruce Street Water Line Improvements and Sanitary Sewer Lines 2007

02-02-10  OrdO2010-04  Policy for Capacity Allocations for WPC System

02-02-10  OrdO2010-05  Application for ODNR Litter Cleanup Grant and enter Agreement if awarded

03-02-10  OrdO2010-06  Amending O2004-82, Access to County Industrial Park Sewer Line for Industrial and Commercial Connections

02-16-10  OrdO2010-07  State of Ohio to reimburse its Spruce Street Water Sewer Improvement Fund for Spruce Street Water Line and Sewer Improvements Project

03-02-10  OrdO2010-08  Bids - Chemicals and Quicklime

03-16-10  OrdO2010-09  Set Appropriations for Expenses Ending December 31, 2010

03-16-10  OrdO2010-10  Transfer and Advance Funds

03-16-10  OrdO2010-11  Establishing Position of Civil Engineer, and Setting Administrative Employees Compensation Plan and Implementing Procedures and Policy Statement

03-09-10  OrdO2010-12  Agreement with DLB Associates for Lease of Property for Municipal Court

04-06-10  OrdO2010-13  Agreement with State of Ohio for Housing Revolving Loan Fund Adminstration Agreement

04-20-10  OrdO2010-14  Agreement with Gallia County Commissioners for Sewage Treatment for Green Township

03-23-10  OrdO2010-15  Application and Agreement if awarded for ODOD FY 2010 CDBG Formula Fund Allocation for Paving

03-23-10  OrdO2010-16  Establishing Part Nine, Title 1, Chapter 906, Yard Sales of Codified Ordinances

04-20-10  OrdO2010-17  Amending Section 505-12 (b) Sale of Certain Animals, of Codified Ordinances - DEFEATED

04-06-10  OrdO2010-18  Application for ODNR Boating and Fishing Access Grant for Public Use Area

04-06-10  OrdO2010-19  Agreement with Gallia County Farmer Market Board

05-04-10  OrdO2010-20  Bids for Water/Sewer Maintenance Supplies, Hydrants and Meters

05-04-10  OrdO2010-21  Levying License Tax at the Rate of $5.00 per Motor Vehicle in the City

05-04-10  OrdO2010-22  Agreement with Volunteer Energy Services, Inc 

05-04-10  OrdO2010-23  Agreement with Village of Middleport- Housing of Prisoners

05-04-10  OrdO2010-24  Setting Appropriations

05-04-10  OrdO2010-25  Transfer and Advance Funds

05-04-10  OrdO2010-26  Setting Administrative Employees Compensation Plan-Adding of Legal Secretary and Clerk of Courts

05-18-10  OrdO2010-27  Bids for Demolition of Davis Hall and Asbestos Removal

05-04-10  OrdO2010-28  Change Order No. 1 with Breech Engineering Municipal Design - DEFEATED

05-04-10  OrdO2010-29  Application and Agreement with OCJS Drug Task Force Grant

05-18-10  OrdO2010-30  Agreement with Facts for Lease of Property for City Solicitor and Victims Advocate

05-18-10  OrdO2010-31  Bids-Generator for City Maintenance Garage

05-18-10  OrdO2010-32  Application and Agreement OCJS Probation Grant

05-18-10  OrdO2010-33  Application and Agreement for 2010 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant

06-01-10  OrdO2010-34  Setting Appropriations

06-01-10  OrdO2010-35  Annexation Cliffside Golf Club

06-15-10  OrdO2010-36  Application and Agreement for Funding Under the Victims of Crime Act ad State Victims Assistance Act

06-15-10  OrdO2010-37  Application and Agreement of FEMA Assitance to Firefighters Program

06-15-10  OrdO2010-38  Agreement for Lease of Vehicles for GPD through State of Ohio Cooperative Purchasing

07-22-10  OrdO2010-39  Agreement with Blair Builders for Lease of Property for Storage and Parking

07-22-10  OrdO2010-40  Agreement with Job and Family Services for Offices

07-22-10  OrdO2010-41  Setting Appropriations

07-22-10  OrdO2010-42  Advances and Transfers

07-22-10  OrdO2010-43  Removal from Ledgers Utility Bills Certain Past Due Accounts

08-17-10  OrdO2010-44  Authorizing Paments to Various Enitites for Community Investment

08-17-10  OrdO2010-45  Contract for Hospitalization, Medical, and Major Medical , Drug, Dental Coverage for Full-Time Employees

08-17-10  OrdO2010-46  Term Life Insurance Agreement for Employees

08-17-10  OrdO2010-47  Agreement for Vision Insurance for Employees

09-07-10  OrdO2010-48  Application to  Participate in OPWC State Capital Improvement/Transportation Improvement Programs 

09-07-10  OrdO2010-49  Agreement with Scioto Energy as a Competitve Retail Electric Provider for Municipal Locations

09-07-10  OrdO2010-50  Agreement with Quickcare LLC for Healthcare to Employees

09-07-10  OrdO2010-51  Setting Appropriations

09-07-10  OrdO2010-52  Transfer and Advance Funds

09-21-10  OrdO2010-53  Bids- Paving Mill Creek Road

09-07-10  OrdO2010-54  Agreement with Travelers Insurance for General Liability and Property Insurance

09-07-10  OrdO2010-55  Establishing Chapter 121.02, Public Meetings, Codied Ordinances

09-07-10  OrdO2010-56  Agreement with ODNR LWCF Natureworks Public Recreation Program Financial Assistance for Basketball Equipment

09-21-10  OrdO2010-57  Setting Appropriations

09-02-10  OrdO2010-58  Adopting Current Replacement Pages Codified Ordinances

09-21-10  OrdO2010-59  Fund Change Order No. 1 with Thermal Solutions for Asbestos Abatement-Davis Hall

09-21-10  OrdO2010-60  Bids - Salt, Calcuim Chloride, and Cold Mix

09-21-10  OrdO2010-61  Issue Permits to Charitable Organizations to Solicit From the Occupant of a Vehicle

10-05-10  OrdO2010-62  Contract with Gallia County to Furnish Emergency Management Services

10-05-10  OrdO2010-63  Issue Permits to Charitable Organizations to Solicit From the Occupant of a Vehicle, Chapter 371.06 B 2 Codified Ordinances

10-05-10  OrdO2010-64  Contract Negotiations with Breech Engineering -Design of New Municipal Cout and Administrative Building

10-20-10  OrdO2010-65  Setting Appropriations

10-20-10  OrdO2010-66  Transfer and Advances

10-20-10  OrdO2010-67  Setting Compensation for Employees, Clothing Allowances/Summer Shirts

10-20-10  OrdO2010-68  Agreement for a Second Amendment to the option and Lease Agreement with Global Tower Partners for Lease of Property for Communication Equipment

10-16-10  OrdO2010-69  Paving of Roberts Lane and Bob Evans Lane-DEFEATED

11-16-10  OrdO2010-70  Special Purpose Flood Damage Reduction Ordinance

11-16-10  OrdO2010-71  Setting Temporary Appropriations for 2011

11-16-10  OrdO2010-72  Application and Agreement if awarded for Justice Assistance Grant (JAG LE)

11-16-10  OrdO2010-73  Contract with Breech Engineering - Design of New Municipal Court Facility

11-02-10  OrdO2010-74  Establishing Chapter 521.11, Banning Sale of and Offering For Sale Synthetic Cannabinoid, Part 5, General Offenses

11-02-10  OrdO2010-75  Bids- Asphalt, Limestone, Bedding Sand

11-16-10  OrdO2010-76  Contract with Gallia County for Equipment and Labor

11-16-10  OrdO2010-77  Setting Compensation for Employees and Appointed Officials

11-16-10  OrdO2010-78  Authorizing Payment of Bonus to all Permanent Full Time and Appointed Officials and GVFD Firefighters and GPD Reserve Police Officers

11-16-10  OrdO2010-79  Setting Appropriations

11-02-10  OrdO2010-80  Transfer and Advances

11-16-10  OrdO2010-81  Payments to Various Entities for Community Investment

11-16-10  OrdO2010-82  Application and Agreement if Awarded for 2010 Justice Assitance Grant (JAG)

11-16-10  OrdO2010-83  Demolish Structure 444 Second Avenue and Install Temporary Wall for Said Structure

12-07-10  OrdO2010-84  Authorizing Payment to Local Community Entities

12-07-10  OrdO2010-85  Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy

12-07-10  OrdO2010-86  Setting Appropriations

12-07-10  OrdO2010-87  Transfer and Advances

12-07-10  OrdO2010-88  Change Order 1 with Mike Enyart & Sons, Inc for Spruce Street Line and Sanitary Sewer Improvements

12-14-10  OrdO2010-89  Agreement with Gallia County Commissioner for Payment of Legal Services for Indigent Citizens

12-14-10  OrdO2010-90  Agreement with Gallia County- Boarding of Prisoners

12-14-10  OrdO2010-91  Application and Agreement if Awarded for OCJS Drug Law Enforcement Fund Grant

12-14-10 OrdO2010-92  Setting Appropriations

12-14-10  OrdO2010-93  Transfer and Advances