2013 Ordinances



01-03-13   OrdO2013-01   Setting Compensation for Maintenance Employees  

01-03-13   OrdO2013-02   Payments from Water,WPC, and Sanitation Funds to General, M&R Streets, Water and WPC for Services

01-29-13   OrdO2013-03   Setting Temporary Appropriations

02-05-13   OrdO2013-04   Change Order # 2 and 3, Administrative Building

02-21-13   OrdO2013-05   Emergency - New Special Revenue Fund (Police Special Equipment)

02-21-13   OrdO2013-06   Emergency - Bids for Chemicals and Quicklime

02-21-13   OrdO2013-07   Emergency - Application for Funding for OCJS Grant

02-21-13   OrdO2013-08   Emergency - Permits for Charitable Organizations to Solicit from Vehicle

02-21-13   OrdO2013-09   DEFEATED - Job Creation Incentive Program

02-21-13   OrdO2013-10   DEFEATED - Jobs Tax Credit Program

02-21-13   OrdO2013-11   Bonds for paying part of cost of Consructing Street and Road Improvements

02-21-13   OrdO2013-12   Emergency - Agreement with Washington County for Boarding of Prisoners

02-21-13   OrdO2013-13   Creation of Job Creation Incentive Program and Approving Certain Administrative Procedures

03-05-13   OrdO2013-14   Agreement with Jeanne Ingles FNP-BC Family Practice for Healthcare for Employees

03-26-13   OrdO2013-15   Bids-Hedgewood Drive Landslide Repair -DEFEATED

03-26-13   OrdO2013-16   Setting Appropriations

03-26-13   OrdO2013-17   Transfer and Advance Funds

03-05-13   OrdO2013-18   Change Order No. 4 with Hoon - Excavation Work, Plumbing and Electrical - Administrative Building

03-26-13   OrdO2013-19   Bids-Hedgewood Drive Landslide Repair

03-26-13   OrdO2013-20   Establishing Job Creation Incentive Program

03-26-13   OrdO2013-21   Setting Compensation for Project/Safety Director

03-26-13   OrdO2013-22   Agreement for Consulting Services for GDC Water Service Evaluation Project

04-16-13   OrdO2013-23   Setting Appropriations

04-16-13   OrdO2013-24   Purchase of real property at 44 Locust St

05-07-13   OrdO2013-25   Gallia County Farmers Market Setup

05-07-13   OrdO2013-26   Bids-Water/Sewer Maintenance Supplies, Hydrants, Meters

05-07-13   OrdO2013-27   Reimbursement for Temporary Advances made for Capital Expenditures

05-21-13   OrdO2013-28   Emergency-Letter of Agreement with Canaday Care

05-21-13   OrdO2013-29   Emergency- Bids Hedgewood Dr Landslide Repari Project

05-21-13   OrdO2013-30   Emergency- Setting Appropriations

05-21-13   OrdO2013-31   Emergency - Advance and Transfer Funds

06-04-13   OrdO2013-32   Emergency - Grant with Victims of Crime Act and State Victims Assistance Act

06-04-13   OrdO2013-33   Apply, Accept, and Enter omtp am OEPA Water Pollution Control Loan fund for Design of WPCF Improvements

06-04-13   OrdO2013-34   Emergency-Purchase 2007 Altec Truck and 2013 Vermeer Brush Chipper

06-18-13   OrdO2013-35   Bids- Active Deposits for Treasury Funds

06-18-13   OrdO2013-36   Agreement for Design of WPCF Improvements -OWDA

06-18-13   OrdO2013-37   Rental Agreement with Pitney Bowes

06-18-13   OrdO2013-38   Emergency- Change Order with Foill, Inc Mound Hill Project

06-18-13   OrdO2013-39   Emergency- Annexation Agreement with Gallipolis Township Trustees

07-02-13   OrdO2013-40   Emergency-Application for Funding OCJS Probation Intake Officer Grant

07.02.13   OrdO2013-41   Emergency- Contract with Gallia Co to Furnish Emergency Management Services

07-16-13   OrdO2013-42   Emergency-Establishing Chapter 376.06. Recreational Vehicles, Maximum Consecutive Hrs

07-16-13   OrdO2013-43   Emergency- Apply,Accept, and Enter into Agreement with WPC Loan Fund For Planning,Design and/or Construction of Wastewater Facilities and Designating a Dedicated Repayment Source

07-16-13   OrdO2013-44   Agreement for Construction of the Headworks improvements at WWTP

07-16-13   OrdO2013-45   Setting Appropriations

07-16-13   OrdO2013-46   Transfer and Advance Funds

08-20-13   OrdO2013-47   Purchase of 2007 Altec Bucket Truck and 2013 Vermeer Brush Chipper

08-20-13   OrdO2013-48   Contract for Hospitalization, Medical and Major Medical, Drug and Dental Insurance

08-20-13   OrdO2013-49   Setting Appropriations

09-03-13   OrdO2013-50   Adopting Current Replacement Pages for Codified Ordinances

09-17-13   OrdO2013-51   Bids-Gallipolis WPCF Headworks Improvements

09-17-13   OrdO2013-52   Agreement with CT Consultants for Amendment No. 2 for WPCF Headworks Improvements

09-17-13   OrdO2013-53   Agreement to purchase 2014 International Cab and Chassis Top Mount Pumper Firefighting Appartus and Equipment through State Cooperative Purchasing Program

09-17-13   OrdO2013-54   Setting Appropriations

09-17-13   OrdO2013-55   Transfer and Advance Funds

10-01-13   OrdO2013-56   Amending Chapter 945, Garbage and Refuse

10.01.13   OrdO2013-57   Emergency-Agreement to Purchase Air Packs for 2014 International Cab and Chassis Top Mount Pumper Firefighting Appartus and Equipment throught the state cooperative Purchasing

10-01-13   OrdO2013-58   Emergency-Bids for Highway De-icing, Salt, Calcium and Cold Mix

10-01-13   OrdO2013-59   Emergency-Application to Participate in OPWC and Local Transportation Improvement Programs-Cruzet/Burger Avenue Area Sanitary Sewer Line Improvement Project

10-15-13   OrdO2013-60   Emergency-Setting Appropriations

10-15-13   OrdO2013-61   Emergency-Transfer and Advance Funds

10-15-13   OrdO2013-62   Emergency-Agreement with CT Consultants for Amendment No. 3 for WPCF Improvements

10-15-13   OrdO2013-63   Emergency-Agreement with Travelers Insurance-General Liability and Property Insurance

11-05-13   OrdO2013-64   Emergency-Permits for Charitable Organizations to Solicit from the Occupant of a Vehicle

11-19-13   OrdO2013-65   Setting Appropriations

11-19-13   OrdO2013-66  Transfer and Advances
12-03-13   OrdO2013-67   Community Investment Contributions
12-03-14   OrdO2013-68  Emergency - Authorizing Payment to a Local Community Entity - DEFEATED

11-19-13   OrdO2013-69   Setting Temporary Appropriations for Expenses for 2014

12-03-13   OrdO2013-70   Removal from ledgers for Utility Billing Office-Past Due Accounts

11-19-13   OrdO2013-71   Bonus to all Permanent Full-Time Employees

12-03-13   OrdO2013-72   Bids-Asphalt, Limestone and Bedding Sand

12-03-13   OrdO2013-73   Emergency Agreement with Compmanagement for Consultation and Administration with Respect to WC

01-07-14   OrdO2013-74   Agreement with Volunteer Energy Services

12-03-13   OrdO2013-75   Emergency- Contract with Gallia Co for Equipment and Labor

12-03-13   OrdO2013-76   Emergency- Setting Appropriations

12-03-13   OrdO2013-77   Emergency-Transfer and Advances