01-07-14   OrdO2014-01    Emergency-Agreement with Gallia Co Commissioners -Payment of Indigent Citizens

01-07-14   OrdO2014-02    Emergency-Agreement with Gallia Co. for Boarding of Prisoners

01-28-14   OrdO2014-03   Change Order No. 1 with Doll Layman  - WPCF Headworks Project

01-07-14   OrdO2014-04   Amending Compensation for Salaried Employees WPCF Superintendent
01-28-14   OrdO2014-05   Emergency- Letter of Agreement with Jeanne Ingles for Healthcare Services for Employees
01-28-14   OrdO2014-06   Emergency-Lease of Vehicles for Police Dept Through State of Ohio
02-18-14   OrdO2014-07   Application for ODNR Boating and Fishing Access Grant
02-18-14   OrdO2014-08   Emergency-Application for Sams Club Community Grant for Special Response Team-Police
03-03-14   OrdO2014-09    Bids-Chemicals and Quicklime
03-18-14   OrdO2014-10   Execute Agreement with the Ohio Attorney General for Additional Moving Ohio Forward Funds
03-18-14   OrdO2014-11   Emergency- Plan for Natural Gas Aggregation Program
03-18-14   OrdO2014-12   Amending Compensation Salaried Employees-Assistant Vol Fire Chief
03-18-14   OrdO2014-13   Setting Appropriations
03-18-14   OrdO2014-14   Transfer and Advance Funds
03-18-14   OrdO2014-15   Agreement with Village of Middleport for Housing of Prisoners
04-01-14   OrdO2014-16   Emergency- Agreement with Washington County - Boarding of Prisoners
04-01-14   OrdO2014-17   Emergency- Agreement with State Auditor for GASB-34 Look-Alike Statements for 2011-2012-2013
04-01-14   OrdO2014-18   Emergency- City Auditor to Make Prior Period Adjustments for 2010-2013 Audit Costs
04-01-14   OrdO2014-19   Emergency- Setting Appropriations
04-22-14   OrdO2014-20   Emergency- Setting Compensation Maintenance Employees
04-22-14   OrdO2014-21   Emergency-Change Order No. 1 - WPCF Headwork Projects
05-06-14   OrdO2014-22   Emergency Bids for Water Sewer Maintenance Supplies, Hydrants and Meters
05-06-14   OrdO2014-23   Emergency- Submit Electronic Application for CDBG Residential Public Infrastructure Program
05-06-14   OrdO2014-24   Emergency- Setting Appropriations
05-06-14   OrdO2014-25   Emergency- Transfer and Advance Funds
05-06-14   OrdO2014-26   Emergency- Bonds fpr Acquiring Pumper Truck, Brush Truck
05-06-14   OrdO2014-27   Emergency- Application Submitted for Victims of Crime Act
05-20-14   OrdO2014-28   Agreement for maintenance for the Veterans Monument in City Park
05-20-14   OrdO2014-29   Emergency- Setting Compensation for Maintenance Employes Salaries
06-03-14   OrdO2014-30   Emergency-Setting Appropriations
06-03-14   OrdO2014-31   Emergency-Transfer or Advance Funds
06.03-14   OrdO2014-32   Emergency-Application for Grant CDBG Development Service Agency Repair Slip St Rt 588
06-26-14   OrdO2014-33   Emergency-Agreement for Vision Insurance for Employees
06-26-14   OrdO2014-34   Emergency-Agreement with Competitive Retail Electric Provider for Governmental Aggregation Program
07-01-14   OrdO2014-35   Emergency- Agreement for Engineering and Construction to Repair the Main Water Line Break Chickamauga Creek
07-01-14   OrdO2014-36   Emergency-Agreement for Mutual Aid with Ohio Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network
07-01-14   OrdO2014-37   Emergency-Setting Appropriations
07-01-14   OrdO2014-38   Emergency- Setting Said Compensation fpr Salaried Employees
07-01-14   OrdO2014-39   Emergency- Contract for Hospitalization, Medical and Major Medical, Drug and Dental Insurance for Full Time Employees
08-05-14   OrdO2014-40   Revised Codified Ordinances-Replacement Pages
08-05-14   OrdO2014-41   Amending Section D5, Water Distribution/Sewer Collection
08-19-14   OrdO2014-42   Emergency-Term Life Insurance Coverage for Employees
08-19-14   OrdO2014-43   Emergency-Bids for Engineering and Construction Services to Repair Main Water Line Chickamauga Creek
08-19-14   OrdO2014-44   Emergency Bids for Developing Plans and Engineering Drawings for Amphitheater and outdoor Seating
08-19-14   OrdO2014-45   Emergency-Bids for Slip Reapir on State Route 588
08-19-14   OrdO2014-46   Emergency-Agreement with Komax for Lease of Printer/Scanner/Copier for Engineering Documents
08-19-14   OrdO2014-47   Emergency-Setting Appropriations
09-02-14   OrdO2014-48   Permits to Charitable Organizations to Solicit from the Occupant of a Vehicle
09-16-14   OrdO2014-49   Agreement with Local Government GASB-34 years 2014-20
09-02-14   OrdO2014-50   Bids-Construction Services to Repair Main Water Line Chickamauga Creek
09-02-14   OrdO2014-51   Emergency-Adopting an Anti-Displacement and Relocation Plan for City
09-16-14   OrdO2014-52   Emergency-Repealing Ord. 97-139, Tax Incentive Agreement with Gallipolis City Schools
09-16-14   OrdO2014-53   Emergency-Repealing Ord. 97-141, Declaring Improvements to Parcels Located in City
09-16-14   OrdO2014-54   Emergency- Agreement with Evans,Mechwart,Hambleton and Tilton (EMH&T) Engineering Services
09-16-14   OrdO2014-55   Emergency-Agreement with USI Insurance Services (PEP) for General Liability and Property Insurance
09-16-14   OrdO2014-56   Setting Appropriations
09-16-14   OrdO2014-57   Transfer and Advance Funds
10-07-14   OrdO2014-58   Bids-Water Pollution Control Facility Upgrade
10-07-14   OrdO2014-59   Setting Appropriations
10-07-14   OrdO2014-60   Transfer and Advance Funds
10-10-14   OrdO2014-61   Emergency-Sign Documents for Partial Release of a Mortgage
11-18-14  OrdO2014-62     Setting Appropriations
11-18-14   OrdO2014-63   Removal from ledgers from Utility Office-Past Due Accounts
11-18-14   OrdO2014-64   Agreement with Highland County Sheriff Office- Housing of Prisoners
11-18-14   OrdO2014-65   Setting and Repealing ordinances -Setting Said Compensation for Appointed Officials
11-18-14   OrdO2014-66   Emergency- City Manager to sign release of Mortgage
11-18-14   OrdO2014-67   Emergency- Change Order No 1 with Waugh Excavating for Additional work - Chickamauga Creek
11-18-14   OrdO2014-68   Emergency-Transfer Funds TIF Fund to General Fund and Dissolve said account
11-18-14   OrdO2014-69   Emergency-Payments to Various Entities for Community Investment Contributions
11-18-14   OrdO2014-70   Emergency-Bonus to all permanent full-time employees and appointed officials
11-18-14   OrdO2014-71   Emergency-Setting Compensation for Employees and Appointed Officicals
11-18-14   OrdO2014-72   Emergency Setting Appropriations
11-18-14   OrdO2014-73   Transfer and Advance Funds
12-02-14   OrdO2014-75   Repealing  Temporary Advances for Capital Expenditures
12-16-14   OrdO2014-76   Repealing Chapter 1345 of Codified Ordnances - TABLED
12-16-14   OrdO2014-77   Emergency-Setting Appropriations
12-16-14  OrdO2014-78   Emergency-Transfer and Advance Funds
12-16-14   OrdO2014-79   Emergency-Bids for Asphalt, Limestone and Bedding Sand
12-16-14   OrdO2014-80   Emergency-Contract with Gallia County - Emergency Management Services
12-16-14   OrdO2014-81   Emergency-Agreement with County Commissioners for Indigent Citizens
12-16-14   OrdO2014-82   Emergency-Agreement with Gallia County - Boarding of Prisoners