01-19-2021 O2021-01- Emergency-Accepting and Rejecting Bids for Asphalt, Limestone, And Bedding Sand
02-02-2021 O2021-02- Emergency- Agreement with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Paddling Grant
03-01-2021 O2021-03- Emergency- Amending Sewer Rates , sewer service charges for inside and outside city
03-16-2021 O2021-04- Setting Appropriations for Current Expenses for the Fisical Year
03-16-2021 O2021-05-Ordinance Authorizing the City Manager to Transfer or Advance Funds
03-16-2021 O2021-06-Emergency for accepting and rejecting bids for Chemicals and Quicklime
04-06-2021 O2021-07- Emergency Setting Appropriations for current Expenses
04-06-2021 O2021-08- (FAILED) Vacating a portion of the Alley Running East between First and Second
04-20-2021 O2021-09- Authorizing Settlement Payment
04-20-2021 O2021-10-Emergency authorizing the City Manager to apply for USDA Grant
04-20-2021 O2021-11-Emergency- Setting Appropriations
04-20-2021 O2021-12-Emergency- Transfer and Advance Funds
05-04-2021 O2021-13- Vacating A portion of alley running east west located between first and second
05-04-2021 O2021-14-Emergency- Agreement for state capital Improvement for Pool Project
06-01-2021 O2021-15- Vacating a portion of the alley and right away for cemetery road
05-18-2021 O2021-16-Emergency- Setting Appropriations for current expense year
06-01-2021 O2021-17- Submission to the electorate of an amendment to section 9, meetings, of the charter
06-15-2021 O2021-18- Authorizing the City Manager to submit application for CCA Grant
06-15-2021 O2021-19-Emergency- Authorizing the City Manager to submit an application for the VOCA Grant
07-20-2021 O2021-20- Establishing paid holidays for appointed and full time officials
07-20-2021 O2021-21-  Authorizing Virtual meetings and attendance
07-06-2021 O2021-22- (FAILED) Amending codified ordinance section " Mobile Food Vendor"
08-03-2021 O2021-23- Setting Appropriations for the Current Expenses
08-03-2021 O2021-24- Transfer or Advance of funds