2011 Resolutions


 01-20-11  ResR2011-01  Application for ODNR LWCF Natureworks Public Recreation Program Financial Assistance for Picnic Tables-DEFEATED

02-01-11  ResR2011-02  Annexation Certain Property Spruce Street Extension-1.24 Acres

02-01-11  ResR2011-03  Annexation Certain Property Spruce Street Extension-1.41 Acres

02-01-11  ResR2011-04  Annexation Certain Property Spruce Street Extension-.53 Acres

02-01-11  ResR2011-05  Annexation Certain Property Spruce Street Extension-18.432 Acres

03-29-11  ResR2011-06  Advertise for Professional Engineering Service -WPCF

03-29-11  ResR2011-07  Bids-Construction Loans for New Municipal Bldg and Law Enforcement Offices

03-29-11  ResR2011-08  Bids-Contruction of Bew Municipal Bldg and Law Enforcement Offices

03-29-11  ResR2011-09  Bids-Construction of Secondary Fire Station and Cemetery Sexton Office

05-17-11  ResR2011-10  Fire Protection Agreements for Green Township-DEFEATED

05-23-11  ResR2011-11  Fire Protection Agreement with Green Township

05-23-11  ResR2011-12  Support for Ohio Consumers Counsel

06-14-11  ResR2011-13  Bids-Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Services

06-14-11  ResR2011-14  Establishment of New Enterprise Fund-Water Leak Insurance

06-14-11  ResR2011-15  City Personnel Policy

07-05-11  ResR2011-16  Proposals for Lease of Office Space for Municipal Administrative Departments

08-02-11  ResR2011-17  Obtain Federal Assistance Grant Program Funding

08-16-11  ResR2011-18  Quotes for General Liability, Property, and Comprehensive,Auto,Public Officials Liability and Law Enforcement Liability Insurance

08-16-11  ResR2011-19  Bids for Loan to Purchase Property 512 Second Avenue

08-16-11  ResR2011-20  Bids for Loan for Construction of Remote Fire Station and Cemetery Office

10-18-11  ResR2011-21  Street Name for Mound Hill Road - New Access Road

11-01-11  ResR2011-22  Bids for Materials, Supplies, Equipment and Services for 2012

11-01-11  ResR2011-23  Solid Waste Management Plan-Lower Fee Structure

 11-01-11  ResR2011-24  Register for 2012 America in Bloom

12-01-11  ResR2011-25  Authorizing and Certifying Necessary Tax Levies

12-20-11  ResR2011-26  Township Fire Agreements

12-20-11  ResR2011-27  New Special Revenue  Fund-OCJS MRT Probation Grant