2013  Resolutions



03-26-13   ResR2013-01   Taxes that may be Raised by Levy without Vote of Electors

04-02-13   ResR2013-02   Cooperative Agreement for Design of WPCF Improvements

04-16-13   ResR2013-03   Appointing M. Edward Swisher/Acting City Manager

04-16-13   ResR2013-04   Naming M Edward Swisher/Alternate Appointment to District 15 Public Works Integrating Committee

08-20-13   ResR2013-05   Application for Appalachian Regional Commission Program Funding for the WPCF Improvements

09-03-13   ResR2013-06   Establishment of a New Special Revenue Fund (Gallipolis in Lights)

09-03-13   ResR2013-07   Easement for purposes of Ingress and Egress for Law Enforcement vehicles from Mary and James Morrison

11-05-13   ResR2013-08   Bids-Materials, Supplies, Equipment Services for 2014

11-05-13   ResR2013-09   Register for 2014 America in Bloom

11-19-13   ResR2013-10   Tax Levies and Certify with County Auditor

12-03-13   ResR2013-11   Opposing of the HB5 by the Ohio General Assembly