2009 Resolutions



01-20-09  ResR2009-01  The Bequeath of William H. Lloyd for Perpetual Care for Lot in Mound Hill Cemetery

01-20-09  ResR2009-02  Application to Participate in 2009 America in Bloom Contest

02-17-09  ResR2009-03  Appointing Carolyn S. Wasch to Sinking Fund Board

02-17-09  ResR2009-04  Appointing Richard H. Hedges as Assistant City Solicitor

02-17-09  ResR2009-05  Advertise for Request for Qualifications for Professional Engineering Designs for Municipal Building

02-17-09  ResR2009-06  Public Records Policy for City of Gallipolis

03-03-09  ResR2009-07  City Manager as Representative for City Commission for House Bill 9 Certified Training on Public Records Law

07-14-09  ResR2009-08  Bids-Construction of Spruce Street Water Line and Sanitary Sewer Improvements

07-14-09  ResR2009-09  Agreement for Construction of Spruce Street Water Line and Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project Between City of Gallipolis and Ohio Water Development Authority and Assurance of Local Funds

07-28-09  ResR2009-10  Naming City Manager C. Joseph Woodall to Appointment to District 15 Public Works Integrating Committee

08-20-09  ResR2009-11  Authorization for Automatic Deduction from Bank Account for Utility Payments

08-20-09  ResR2009-12  Bids-Asbestos Removal Davis Hall

08-20-09  ResR2009-13  Bids for Demolition of Davis Hall

10-06-09  ResR2009-14  Appreciation to C. Joseph Woodall for Services as City Manager

10-06-09  ResR2009-15  Special Revenue Fund OCJS Probation Grant and OJP Rural Law Enforcement Grant

10-20-09  ResR2009-16  Names City Manager Randy Finney and Project Coordinator C. Joseph Woodall as Alternate to District 15 Public Works Integrating Committee

10-20-09  ResR2009-17  Special Revenue Fund-Community Reinvestment Program Fund

11-17-09  ResR2009-18  Bids-Materials, Supplies, Equipment and Services for 2010

11-17-09  ResR2009-19  Bids-Construction of New Municipal Building

11-13-09  ResR2009-20  Register to Participant in 2010 America In Bloom Contest

12-01-09  ResR2009-21  Authorizing and Certifiying Tax Levies to County Auditor