2010 Resolutions


01-19-10  ResR2010-01  New Capital Projects Fund-Spruce Street

1-19-10 Res R2010-01 Appointing Salisbury to assistant City Solicitor


02-02-10  ResR2010-03  Appointing Salisbury City Solicitor - Unexpired Term B. Saunders

02-02-10  ResR2010-04  Appointing Salisbury City Solicitor - 4 year Term

02-02-10  ResR2010-05  Application for ODNR LWCF Financial Assistance for Basketball Equipment

03-02-10  ResR2010-06  Appointing Fellure Assistant City Solicitor

03-02-10  ResR2010-07  Appreciation to Snowden for Outstanding Service as City Commissioner

03-02-10  ResR2010-08  Appreciation to Saunders for Outstanding Service as City Commissioner

03-02-10  ResR2010-09  Appreciation to Lynch for Outstanding Service as City Commissioner

03-02-10  ResR2010-10  Appreciation to Marchi for Outstanding Service as City Commissioner

03-02-10  ResR2010-11  Appreciation to B. Saunders for Services as City Solicitor

03-16-10  ResR2010-12  Appointing C. Joseph Woodall as Acting City Manager

03-23-10  ResR2010-13  New Special Revenue Fund-ODNR Litter Control Cleanup Grant

03-23-10  ResR2010-14  Bids for Demolition of Davis Hall Building

04-06-10  ResR2010-15  Spruce Street Water Line and Sewer Improvement - Waive payment of excess capacity and installation

05-04-10  ResR2010-16  Special Revenue Fund - OCJS Drug Task Force Grant

06-01-10  ResR2010-17  Annexation of certain property - pursuant to O.R.C. Section 709.23(D)

09-21-10  ResR2010-18   Waive payment of excess Capacity, installations, and permit fees for Spruce Street Water/Sewer Project

10-05-10  ResR2010-19  Bids for Demolition and Asbestos Abatement Municipal Building 518 Second Avenue

11-16-10  ResR2010-20  Bids for  Purchase of Materials, Supplies, Equipment and Services for 2011

11-16-10  ResR2010-21  Request for Professional Emgineering Services and Architectural Services for New Administrative Bldg.

12-07-10  ResR2010-22  Register for 2011 America in Bloom Contest

12-07-10  ResR2010-23  Tax Levies and Certifying them to County