2012 Resolutions



02-07-12   ResR2012-01   Appreciation to Lori F. Bailey

02-07-12   ResR2012-02   Bids-Construction of New Municipal Building for Administrative Offices

02-11-12   ResR2012-03   Bids-Construction of Henkle Avenue Sewer Improvements

03-06-12   ResR2012-04   Bids-Retaining Wall on Hedgewood Drive

02-11-12   ResR2012-05   Consulting Services for Downtown Business District

03-20-12   ResR2012-06   Government Program Funds for Fencing-French Art Colony

03-20-12   ResR2012-07   Engineering Services Entrance to Mound Hill Cemetery

03-20-12   ResR2012-08   Support of Digital River Project

04-03-12   ResR2012-09   New Special Revenue Fund (Fire Loss Recovery)

                    ResR2012-10   Number Skipped

                    ResR2012-11   Number Skipped

05-01-12   ResR2012-12    Local Government Fund and Assistance Fund Support for County Budget Commission

06-05-12   ResR2012-13   Emergency-Fire Protection Agreement with Green Twp

06-05-12   ResR2012-14   Emergency-Bids for Construction Municipal Bdlg-Adm Offices

06-05-12   ResR2012-15   Emergency-Fire Loss Recovery Fund

06-05-12   ResR2012-16   Emergency-Digital River Project Fund

07-28-12   ResR2012-17   Appointment to the District 15 Public Works Integrating Committee

07-28-12   ResR2012-18   New Special Revenue Fund (Police Special Equipment Fund)

07-28-12   ResR2012-19   New Special Revenie Fund (Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Grant )

07-28-12   ResR2012-20   New Capital Projects Fund (OPWC Water/Sewer Projects Fund)

09-04-12   ResR2012-21   Lease/Purchase of Tymco Street Sweeper and Two Chevrolet Pickup Trucks

09-04-12   ResR2012-22   Emergency-CM as Agent for City  to obtain Federal Assistance Grant Program Funding

11-20-12   ResR2012-22A Bids-Materials, Equipment, Services for 2013

11-20-12   ResR2012-23   Amercia in Bloom Registration 2013

11-06-12   ResR2012-24  Appointing Ronnie Lynch Acting City Manager in the absence of the City Manager

11-20-12   ResR2012-25   Emergency-Tax Levies and Certifying  to County Auditor

11-20-12   ResR2012-26   Emergency-Grant Easement to AEP for service for Administrative Offices

11-20-12   ResR2012-27   Emergency-Grant Easement to AEP for service for Hemlock Drive

12-18-12   ResR2012-28   Emergency- Bids for loan for Mound Hill Cemetery Landslide Repair