Resolution 2015

01-06-15   ResR2015-01   Register for America in Bloom Contest
01-06-15   ResR2015-02   Naming Eugene Greene Interim City Manager and Ronnie Lynch Alternate
03-17-15   ResR2015-03   Emergency-Fire Protection Agreement Green Township
03-17-15   ResR2015-04   Emergency- Agreement for Fire Protection Addison, Clay, and Gallipolis
05-19-15   ResR2015-05   Appointing Eugene Greene City Manager
07-07-15   ResR2015-06   Appropriate Real Property 754 4th Avenue
07-07-15   ResR2015-07   Appropriate Real Property 75 Cedar Street
08-04-15   ResR2015-08   Emergency-Naming CM Eugene Greene to District 15 PWIC
08-04-15   ResR2015-09   Emergency-Naming Ronnie Lynch Alternate District 15 Public Works Integrating Committee
09-22-15   ResR2015-10   Emergency-Support OVB Application for Ohio Development Services
09-22-15   ResR2015-11   Emergency-Resolve Claims in Gallia County Court of Common Pleas
10-06-15   ResR2015-12   Emergency- Compensation for Real Property 75 Cedar Street
10-06-15   ResR2015-13   Emergency-Compensation for Real Property 74 Cedar Street
11-03-15   ResR2015-14   Bids-Materials, Supplies, Equipment and Services for 2016
11-17-15  ResR2015-15   Emergency- Fire Protection for Addison, Clay, Green and Gallipolis
11-17-15   ResR2015-16   Emergency-Accepting Amts and Rates for Tax Levies and Certifying them
12.22.15   Res R2015-17   Emergency-Policy for Medical Insurance Coverages for spouses