Our emergency notification system for businesses located in the city needs to be constantly updated. This system allows us to quickly contact the proper personnel in the case of an emergency at your business or a door found open or unlocked.

  Please take a few minutes to fill out the form below. This information is confidential and will not be released to the general public. Thank you for helping us serve you better.  


Business Name:      Business Phone:

Business Address:


Alarm System (please check all that apply)

 My business has no alarm system.

 My alarm has an automatic dialer that contacts the Police Department.

 My alarm automatically contacts a Central Station, who then calls the Police.

 My alarm only has an audible alarm and does not contact anyone.

 My alarm is a silent alarm.

 My alarm is an audible alarm.

 My alarm has a silent alarm in case of a robbery during business hours, and an audible alarm while the store is closed for break-ins.

 If an alarm sounds while your store is closed, a store employee is notified by the alarm company.

 If an alarm sounds while your store is closed, a store employee must be called by the Police Department to respond to the business.


Please list three people (in the order you wish them to be notified) that the Police Department may contact in case of an emergency or other problem while your business is closed. These people should have a key to the business and be able to respond rapidly. If you set the alarm off by mistake, please call us as soon as possible so our officers can slow their emergency response to your business. Also, if any of this information should change, please notify the Police Department so we can update our data.


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