Cemetery Information

Cemetery records and deed information are available at the City Auditor's Office at the Gallipolis Municipal offices or you may call Whitney Vilfer at 740-441-6003 ext 522.


Any questions regarding purchasing of burial spaces or available lots should call the Cemetery Sexton, Ed Waggoner at 740-441-7325

Cemetery Fees effective February 2, 2016 

Single Grave                                                                              $     600.00

Four Graves                                                                                   2,200.00

Eight Graves                                                                                  4,100.00

Infant Graves                                                                                    325.00

Opening Graves                                                                                625.00

Opening Infant Grave                                                                       200.00

Sodding Graves                                                                                  75.00
Seeding Graves                                                                                   60.00

Foundation (per cubic foot)                                                                 12.00

Minimum Foundation                                                                          50.00

Saturday, Sunday or before noon on Monday (additional charge)    300.00

Holday funerals (additional charge)                                                   350.00
Any Funeral arriving in cemetery after 3:00 p.m.

     weekdays (Additional Charges)                                                    250.00   

     **An additional charge of $200.00 may be charged 

        for funerals arriving early morning before noon

Cremational Burial, without concrete                                                450.00

Cremation Burial, with concrete                                                        475.00