Tax Department Frequently Ask Questions

Do I need to pay Gallipolis City income tax?
You are subject to Gallipolis City income tax if you live or work inside the Gallipolis City limits.

How does the Gallipolis City income tax return differ from the federal income tax return?
Gross income is subject to Gallipolis City income tax. Gross income includes contributions made to retirement, annuity, and deferred compensation .
The income tax is assessed at a flat rate.
There is no standard deduction or itemizing of deductions.
There are no exemptions.

How is the municipal income tax used?
Police Protection
Fire Protection
City Parks and Recreation Areas
Municipal Court Services
Bridge and Street Maintenance
General Administration to Operate the City

What is the Gallipolis City income tax rate?
One Percent (1%)

If I live outside the Gallipolis City limits, am I subject to the Gallipolis City income tax?
Yes, if at any time you work inside the City limits and/or own a business or rental property within the City.

If I live in Gallipolis, but work in another city with an income tax, am I subject to the Gallipolis City income tax?
Gallipolis allows residents credit for income tax paid to another city. The credit can not exceed 1% of adjusted gross income from that city.

Who is required to file a return?
You may need to file a return if or work or conduct a business activity in the Gallipolis City limits. Please refer to the following guidelines:.
File a return if you live inside the City limits (see exceptions)
File a return if you live outside the city limits and your employer did not withhold Gallipolis City income tax on your Gallipolis wages.
File a return if you are self-employed.
File a return if you own rental property.

Who is not required to file a return?
Do not file a return if you are 18 and under and all City taxable income had withholding.
Do not file a return if you are 65 and older and your only income is from one of the following:
Retirement income
Capital Gains
Social security benefits

Am I required to file a return if I did not make any money? 

Do I need to file a return if my business activity reported a loss for the year?
Yes, report all business activity if you live, work or conduct business in Gallipolis, regardless of profit or loss. Report self-employment activity and rental activity.

What should I include with my return?
All required forms and schedules.
Social Security Number and/or Federal Identification Number.
Name and/or address changes.
Provide an explanation if this will be the last time that you file a return.
A check or money order for the balance due.

To whom do I make my check payable?
City of Gallipolis Income Tax Department.

Due Dates
The Gallipolis City income tax return for a calendar year taxpayer is due on or before April 15. (A fiscal year taxpayer is required to file four months after the end of their fiscal period.)
Quarterly estimated tax payments for calendar year taxpayers are due as follows:
Declaration: File by April 15
(File only if estimated tax liability is over $50.00.)

First quarterly payment: Pay by April 15
Second quarterly payment: Pay by July 31
Third quarterly payment: Pay by October 31
Fourth quarterly payment: Pay by January 31
(Fiscal year taxpayers must file and make estimated payments respectively: four months, seven months, ten months, and thirteen months after the end of their fiscal period.)
Late filing of tax returns, declarations and estimated payments subject you to interest and penalty charges.


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