Cemetery Information

Cemetery records and deed information are available at the City Auditor's Office at the Gallipolis Municipal offices or you may call Whitney Vilfer at 740-441-6003 ext 522.

Any questions regarding purchasing of burial space or available lots please call the Cemetery Sexton at 740-441-7325.  The Cemetery Sexton is available Monday - Wednesday.  If you need to speak with someone Thursday - Saturday call 740-441-60003 ext. 522

Cemetery Fees effective February 2, 2016 

Single Grave                                     $ 600.00

Four Graves                                     $ 2,200.00

Eight Graves                                    $4,100.00

Infant Graves                                  $  325.00

Opening Graves                              $  625.00

Opening Infant Grave                    $   200.00

Sodding Graves                               $     75.00
Seeding Graves                               $     60.00

Foundation (per cubic foot)           $    12.00

Minimum Foundation                    $    50.00

Saturday, Sunday or before noon on Monday (additional charge)    300.00

Holday funerals (additional charge)                                                   350.00
Any Funeral arriving in cemetery after 3:00 p.m.

     weekdays (Additional Charges)                                                    250.00   

     **An additional charge of $200.00 may be charged 

        for funerals arriving early morning before noon

Cremational Burial, without concrete                                                450.00

Cremation Burial, with concrete                                                        475.00

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