City Commission

President:              Tony Gallagher         
Vice-President:    Dr. William B Thomas         
Members:             Michael W Brown      
                               Michael C Fulks         
                               William (Bill) Jenkins


City Clerk:                   Shelly L. Clonch    
City Manager:            Dow W. Saunders 
City Solicitor:              Brynn Saunders Noe


The Gallipolis City Commission will hold their meetings the first and third Monday of every month at 5:00p.m at the Gallipolis Municipal Building, 333 Third Avenue, Gallipolis, Ohio. The meetings are held in the Conference Room and is accessible thru the entrance door is adjacent to 2 1/2 Alley.  Special meetings are called at other times when necessary. Minutes, ordinances, resolutions and any meeting information are kept on file in the City Clerk's Office, and can be viewed on this web site. If you have questions or concerns to address the City Commission, please contact the City Clerk at 740-441-6003 x523.

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