02-20-2023 R2023-01- Appointing Brynn Saunders Noe as City Solicitor

03-21-2023 R2023-02- Acceptance of material terms of the National Opioid Settlement Agreement

03-21-2023 R2023-03- Urging the Ohio Governor and members to restore the local government fund to pre-recession levels

03-21-2023 R2023-04- Authorizing the city manager to accept easements for the purpose of a landslide repair

04-24-2023 R2023-05- Intentionally Skipped

04-24-2023 R2023-06- Appointing Andrew Noe as the City Solicitor

04-24-2023 R2023-07- Recognizing Brynn Saunders Noe for her service to the City of Gallipolis

07-18-2023 R2023-08 New special Revenue fund 271 for the Community Corrections act 2.0

07-18-2023 R2023-09 Proposing an additional Ten Mill limitation levy for fire

07-20-2023 R2023-10 Authorizing the city manager to apply, accept, and enter into an agreement with the Ohio EPA water supply revolving loan account

07-20-2023 R2023-11 Declaring the amount of taxes that may be raised by levy at the maximum rate

08-15-2023 R2023-12- The establishment of a new capital project fund for Ohio Department of Development Grant

08-15-2023 R2023-13- Authorizing and Directing the city manager to enter into grant agreement with the Ohio Department of Development

09-05-2023 R2023-14- Designating public depository and authorizing withdraw of municipal public moneys

09-05-2023 R2023-15- Certification to enforce the Ohio State Building codes

09-05-2023 R2023-16- Participating in the Ohio Public Works Commission State Capital Improvement or local improvement programs

09-05-2023 R2023-17- Appointing Emily VanSickle as assistant City Solicitor

10-17-2023 R2023-21- Appointing William kirk Frazee as city Commissioner

10-03-2023 R2023-18 Applying and Accepting the Ohio Department of Commerce (Cemetery Grant)


11-07-2023 R2023-20 Accepting amounts and rates for the necessary tax levies

10-17-2023 R2023-21 Appointing William Kirk Frazee as City Commissioner

11-21-2023 R2023-22 Establishment of a new capital line for the waterline replacement project


12-19-2023 R2023-24 Acceptance of the SOPEC Community Grant

12-19-2023 R2023-25 Supporting a City Water Assessment and Protection plan


02-01-2022 R2022-01- Accepting amounts and rates determined by the budget commission of Gallia county and necessary Tax Levies

02-01-2022 R2022-02- Application for the Cultural & Sport Facilities Grant

02-15-2022 R2022-03- Dow Saunders appointment to the District 15 Public Works Integrating Committee

02-15-2022 R2022-04- Shelly Clonchs appointment to the District 15 Public Works Integrating Committee

04-04-2022-R2022-05- The establishment of a new capital fund 379 for USDA Grant

04-04-2022-R2022-06- Authorizing and providing a portion of the cost for the USDA Grant

04-04-2022-R2022-07- The establishment of a new special fund 221 for the SOPEC Grant

05-25-2022-R2022-08- Accepting Tetra Tech as the City of Gallipolis environmental consulting firm

08-15-2022 R2022-09- The establishment of a new special revenue Fund 227 ONEOHIO Opioid Settlement

08-15-2022 R2022-10- Prepare and submit an application to participate in the Ohio Public works commission State capital improvement Program (Oakwood Drive)

09-06-2022 R2022-11- The establishment of a new special revenue fund 233 labeled Ohio Violent Crime Reduction Act

09-06-2022 R2022-12- The authorization to let Dow W Saunders to submit an application to submit for funding for the OPWC capital improvement project (Paving)

09-06-2022 R2022-13- Authorizing the city manager to enter into an agreement with burgess and niple inc engineering for engineering services

10-17-2022 R2022-14- Authorizing Bids for the purchase of Materials, Supplies, Equipment, and Services

10-17-2022 R2022-15- Establishment of a new capitol project for OPWC Oakwood Drive Landslide repair

10-17-2022 R2022-16- Consenting to the Municipal Bridge Inspection Program

11-07-2022 R2022-17- Accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the budget commission of Gallia County


01-07-14   ResR2014-02   Emergency-Approving and Adopting the all Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan

02-04-14   ResR2014-03   Easement to AEP for Electric Service for WPCF

01-28-14   ResR2014-04   Emergency- Support Our House Application for Government Funds for Remodeling

02-12-14   ResR2014-05   Emergen2cy- Appointing Adam Salisbury City Solicitor- 4 year Term

03-18-14   ResR2014-06   Emergency-Advertise for Bids for Spruce Street Lift Station Upgrade

03-18-14   ResR2014-07   Emergency-Bids for a Loan New Pumper Fire and Brush Truck

04-01-14   ResR2014-08   Emergency-Easement for purposes of Ingress and Egress for Relocation of Domestic Water Line from Rita C Smith and Herbert P. Smith

04-01-14   ResR2014-09   Emergency-Easement for purposes of Ingress and Egress for Relocation of Domestic Water Line from O.O. McIntrye Park

04-01-14   ResR2014-10   Emergency- Easement for purposes of Ingress and Egress for Relocation of Domestic Water Line from Betty L. Wilmoth and Paul L. Wilmoth

04-22-14   ResR2014-11   Emergency- Bids to Finance the Lease/Purchase of Pickup Trucks

06-03-14   ResR2014-12   Emergency- Advertise for Request for Qualifications for Professional Engineering Services for Designs and Drawings for Building an Amphitheater at the Public Use Area

06-03-14   ResR2014-13   Emergency-Request for Qualifications for Engineering Services fpr Desgins and Drawings for Slip Repair on State Rt 588

06-26-14   ResR2014-14   Emergency- Authorizing Approval of the Draft Solid Waste Management Plan

07-01-14   ResR2014-15   Emergency-Request for Qualifications for Professional Engineering Services-Gallipolis Sanitary Sewer

07-28-14   ResR2014-16   Emergency-Bids for WPCF Upgrade

09-02-14   ResR2014-17   Emergency-Application for ODNR Natureworks-Electrical Service to City Park

10-07-14   ResR2014-18   Emergency-Support of H.R.3997 Social Security Administration Accountability Act

10-07-14   ResR2014-19   Emergency- Establishment of a new Revenue Fund Ohio MAS Grant

10-10-14   ResR2014-20   Emergency-Appointing Melvin Eugene Greene - Interim City Manager

10-10-14   ResR2014-21   Emergency-Appointing Ronnie Lynch Acting City Manager

11-18-14   ResR2014-22   Bids- Materials, Supplies, Equipment and Services for 2015

11-18-14   ResR2014-23   Emergency-Repealing ResR2002-41, Phase 2 Farm Road

12-16-14   ResR2014-24   Emergency- Tax Levies and Certifying then to County Auditor


02-07-12   ResR2012-01   Appreciation to Lori F. Bailey

02-07-12   ResR2012-02   Bids-Construction of New Municipal Building for Administrative Offices

02-11-12   ResR2012-03   Bids-Construction of Henkle Avenue Sewer Improvements

03-06-12   ResR2012-04   Bids-Retaining Wall on Hedgewood Drive

02-11-12   ResR2012-05   Consulting Services for Downtown Business District

03-20-12   ResR2012-06   Government Program Funds for Fencing-French Art Colony

03-20-12   ResR2012-07   Engineering Services Entrance to Mound Hill Cemetery

03-20-12   ResR2012-08   Support of Digital River Project

04-03-12   ResR2012-09   New Special Revenue Fund (Fire Loss Recovery)

                    ResR2012-10   Number Skipped

                    ResR2012-11   Number Skipped

05-01-12   ResR2012-12    Local Government Fund and Assistance Fund Support for County Budget Commission

06-05-12   ResR2012-13   Emergency-Fire Protection Agreement with Green Twp

06-05-12   ResR2012-14   Emergency-Bids for Construction Municipal Bdlg-Adm Offices

06-05-12   ResR2012-15   Emergency-Fire Loss Recovery Fund

06-05-12   ResR2012-16   Emergency-Digital River Project Fund

07-28-12   ResR2012-17   Appointment to the District 15 Public Works Integrating Committee

07-28-12   ResR2012-18   New Special Revenue Fund (Police Special Equipment Fund)

07-28-12   ResR2012-19   New Special Revenie Fund (Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Grant )

07-28-12   ResR2012-20   New Capital Projects Fund (OPWC Water/Sewer Projects Fund)

09-04-12   ResR2012-21   Lease/Purchase of Tymco Street Sweeper and Two Chevrolet Pickup Trucks

09-04-12   ResR2012-22   Emergency-CM as Agent for City  to obtain Federal Assistance Grant Program Funding

11-20-12   ResR2012-22A Bids-Materials, Equipment, Services for 2013

11-20-12   ResR2012-23   Amercia in Bloom Registration 2013

11-06-12   ResR2012-24  Appointing Ronnie Lynch Acting City Manager in the absence of the City Manager

11-20-12   ResR2012-25   Emergency-Tax Levies and Certifying  to County Auditor

11-20-12   ResR2012-26   Emergency-Grant Easement to AEP for service for Administrative Offices

11-20-12   ResR2012-27   Emergency-Grant Easement to AEP for service for Hemlock Drive

12-18-12   ResR2012-28   Emergency- Bids for loan for Mound Hill Cemetery Landslide Repair


01-20-11  ResR2011-01  Application for ODNR LWCF Natureworks Public Recreation Program Financial Assistance for Picnic Tables-DEFEATED

02-01-11  ResR2011-02  Annexation Certain Property Spruce Street Extension-1.24 Acres

02-01-11  ResR2011-03  Annexation Certain Property Spruce Street Extension-1.41 Acres

02-01-11  ResR2011-04  Annexation Certain Property Spruce Street Extension-.53 Acres

02-01-11  ResR2011-05  Annexation Certain Property Spruce Street Extension-18.432 Acres

03-29-11  ResR2011-06  Advertise for Professional Engineering Service -WPCF

03-29-11  ResR2011-07  Bids-Construction Loans for New Municipal Bldg and Law Enforcement Offices

03-29-11  ResR2011-08  Bids-Construction of Bew Municipal Bldg and Law Enforcement Offices

03-29-11  ResR2011-09  Bids-Construction of Secondary Fire Station and Cemetery Sexton Office

05-17-11  ResR2011-10  Fire Protection Agreements for Green Township-DEFEATED

05-23-11  ResR2011-11  Fire Protection Agreement with Green Township

05-23-11  ResR2011-12  Support for Ohio Consumers Counsel

06-14-11  ResR2011-13  Bids-Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Services

06-14-11  ResR2011-14  Establishment of New Enterprise Fund-Water Leak Insurance

06-14-11  ResR2011-15  City Personnel Policy

07-05-11  ResR2011-16  Proposals for Lease of Office Space for Municipal Administrative Departments

08-02-11  ResR2011-17  Obtain Federal Assistance Grant Program Funding

08-16-11  ResR2011-18  Quotes for General Liability, Property, and Comprehensive, Auto, Public Officials Liability and Law Enforcement Liability Insurance

08-16-11  ResR2011-19  Bids for Loan to Purchase Property 512 Second Avenue

08-16-11  ResR2011-20  Bids for Loan for Construction of Remote Fire Station and Cemetery Office

10-18-11  ResR2011-21  Street Name for Mound Hill Road - New Access Road

11-01-11  ResR2011-22  Bids for Materials, Supplies, Equipment and Services for 2012

11-01-11  ResR2011-23  Solid Waste Management Plan-Lower Fee Structure

11-01-11  ResR2011-24  Register for 2012 America in Bloom

12-01-11  ResR2011-25  Authorizing and Certifying Necessary Tax Levies

12-20-11  ResR2011-26  Township Fire Agreements

12-20-11  ResR2011-27  New Special Revenue  Fund-OCJS MRT Probation Grant

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