01-03-2023 O2023-01- Amending Chapter 121.01 of codified Ordinances

01-03-2023 O2022-45- Agreement with Local Government Services

01-03-2023 O2022-46- Agreement with Lazarus Cemetery Mapping

01-17-2023 O2023-02- Application to participate in the Ohio Environmental Protection Grant

02-07-2023 O2023-03- Accepting a nature works Local Assistance Grant

02-21-2023 O2023-04-  Accepting and Rejecting bids for Limestone, Asphalt, and Bedding Sand

02-07-2023 O2023-05- Emergency- Approve the plan of operation and Governance for the natural gas program

02-21-2023 O2023-06 – Contract with Gallia County for equipment and labor

02-20-2023 O2023-07- Amending Water Rates

03-07-2023 O2023-08- Setting appropriations for the year 2023

03-07-2023 O2023-09 – Authorizing transfers and advances for the year 2023

03-21-2023 O2023-10 – Amending employee compensation

04-04-2023 O2023-11 – Agreement with ODOT for signal replacement

04-04-2023 O2023-12 – Accepting and rejecting bids for Oakwood Drive landslide repair

04-18-2023 O2023-13 – Agreement with Henderson Aerial Surveys for water lines

04-18-2023 O2023-14 – Accepting and rejecting bids for chemicals and quicklime

04-12-2023 O2023-15 – Agreement with SOPEC for electric aggregation for City facilities

05-02-2023 O2023-16 – Amending appropriations

05-16-2023 O2023-17 – Master agreement with Archer Energy for gas aggregation

06-20-2023 O2023-18- Authorizing the City manager to enter into an application for VOCA and SVAA funding and to enter into an agreement if awarded

06-20-2023 O2023-19- Setting Appropriations

07-18-2023 O2023-20 Establishing Paid Holidays for Appointed Officials and Full-time Municipal Employees

07-18-2023 O2023-21 Emergency Authorizing the City Manager to enter into contract with Arcadis IBI Group for contract services

07-18-2023 O2023-22 Emergency Authorizing the City Manager to enter into a contract with Arcadis IBI Group for the design and replacement of water lines

07-20-2023 O2023-23 Emergency updating public funds agreement for active deposits for treasury funds

08-15-2023 O2023-24- Accepting and rejecting bids for solid waste collection and disposal

08-15-2023 O2023-25- Setting rates for solid waste collection and disposal

10-03-2023 O2023-28 Agreement with USI insurance services (PEP) for general liability and property insurance

10-17-2023 O2023-29- A grant agreement with the Ohio department of Rehabilitation and correction division of parole

10-17-2023 O2023-30- Entering into contract agreements with local healthcare services

10-17-2023 O2023-31- Agreement with local government services section of the state auditor’s office

11-07-2023 O2023-33 Authorizing the City Manager to issue permits to charitable organizations

11-07-2023 O2023-34 Entering into a contract for hospitalization, medical, and major medical and drug insurance coverage for full-time and elected and appointed officials

11-07-2023 O2023-35 Authorizing the payment of a Christmas bonus to all full-time and certain eligible part-time employees and appointed officials

11-07-2023 O2023-36 Authorizing the Payment of a Bonus to the Gallipolis Fire Department

11-07-2023 O2023-37 Emergency- setting vacation accruals for the City Manager

11-21-2023 O2023-38 Setting Temporary Appropriations for Current Expenses for 2024

11-07-2023 O2023-39 Amending ordinance for setting appropriations for the calendar year 2023

11-21-2023 O2023-40 Amending Ordinance authorizing the City Auditor to transfer or advance funds

11-07-2023 O2023-41 Emergency- directing the Gallia County Board of Elections to place .5% levy on the ballot for the police department

12-05-2023 O2023-42 Revising the codified ordinances by adopting the current replacement pages

12-19-2023 O2023-42 Emergency- Amending Ordinance for setting appropriations for the calendar year 2023


01-18-2022 O2022-01 Accepting and Rejecting bids for Asphalt, Limestone and Bedding Sand

02-01-2022 O2022-02 Amending Chapter 121.01, Regular Meetings

02-15-2022 O2022-03 Revise the Codified Ordinances by adopting current Replacement pages

03-15-2022 O2022-04 Amending Chapter to change Sewer Rates ( Inside and Outside City)

03-15-2022 O2022-05 Setting Appropriations for the Current Expense Year 

03-15-2022 O2022-06 Authorizing the City Auditor to Transfer and Advance Funds

03-15-2022 O2022-07 Accepting and Rejecting for Chemicals and Quicklime

04-04-2022-O2022-08- Authorizing the City Manager to enter into contract with Gallia County for Equipment and Labor

04-04-2022-O2022-09- Agreement for healthcare services with Pleasant Valley Hospital

04-18-2022-O2022-10- Agreement with the ODNR Grant Program

04-18-2022-O2022-11- Authorizing actions to accept the SOPEC Grant

05-02-2022-O2022-12- Agreement for Professional Engineering Services with Burgess and Niple Inc for Oakwood Drive

 05-02-2022-O2022-13- Amending Water Rates

05-02-2022-O2022-14- Authorizing ABM facility support services to perform an investment-grade audit for facility improvements

05-16-2022-O2022-15- Authorizing all actions to formally accept a SOPEC Grant

05-16-2022-O2022-16- Agreement for vision insurance  for all full-time, elected and appointed officials

06-06-2022 O2022-17- Directing the board of elections to place the 1% levy on income for streets and sidewalk repairs.

06-20-2022 O2022-18- Authorizing the City Manager to submit an application for the SVAA and VOCA Grant.

06-20-2022 O2022-19- Agreement with Broker LLC as the broker for the natural gas program

07-05-2022 O2022-20- Setting appropriations

08-15-2022 O2022-21- The issuance and sale of equipment bond, series 2022 for paying part of the costs of acquiring fire rescue scba equipment.

08-15-2022 O2022-22- Granting approval and consent to the ODOT authority to apply, maintain, and repair state highway roads

08-15-2022 O2022-23- Granting ODOT to remove and control snow and ice removal on all state highways.

08-15-2022 O2022-25- Authorizing the city manager to enter into an agreement with the director of transportation for resurfacing project

09-06-2022 O2022-26- Authorizing the continuation of life insurance and AD&D for all employees and elected and appointed officials

08-15-2022 O2022-24- Setting compensation for Municipal Employees and repealing past compensation

09-20-2022 O2022-27- Agreement for vision insurance coverage for full-time employees and elected or appointed officials

09-20-2022 O2022-28- Accepting and Rejecting bids for highway de-icing salt, calcium chloride, and cold-mix

09-20-2022 O2022-29- Transfer or Advancing funds

09-20-2022 O2022-30- Setting Appropriations

10-17-2022 O2022-31-An Agreement with PEP for General Liability and property insurance

10-17-2022 O2022-33- Bonus for Gallipolis Firefighters

10-17-2022 O2022-32 Christmas bonus for full-time employees and some part-time employees and all appointed officials

10-17-2022 O2022-34 Issuing permits to solicit from the occupant of a vehicle pursuant

10-17-2022 O2022-35- Letter of agreement with Rio family healthcare

10-17-2022 O2022-36- Agreement with Gallia County on Payment for Legal services for indigent Citizens

10-17-2022 O2022-37- Agreement with Pleasant Valley Hospital for Healthcare Services

10-17-2022 O2022-38- Setting Temporary Appropriations for the Calendar year 2023

11-07-2022 O2022-39 – Authorizing the City Manager to enter into an agreement with Canaday Care

11-21-2022 O2022-40- Authorizing the City manager to enter into a contract for hospitalization, medical, and major medical and drug insurance

11-21-2022 O2022-41- Authorizing the City Manager to enter into an agreement for dental insurance

11-21-2022 O2022-42- Setting Appropriations

12-05-2022 O2022-43- Transferring and Advancing Funds

12-19-2022 O2022-44- Application for USDA Community Grant


01-19-2021 O2021-01- Emergency-Accepting and Rejecting Bids for Asphalt, Limestone, And Bedding Sand
02-02-2021 O2021-02- Emergency- Agreement with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Paddling Grant
03-01-2021 O2021-03- Emergency- Amending Sewer Rates , sewer service charges for inside and outside city
03-16-2021 O2021-04- Setting Appropriations for Current Expenses for the Fisical Year
03-16-2021 O2021-05-Ordinance Authorizing the City Manager to Transfer or Advance Funds
03-16-2021 O2021-06-Emergency for accepting and rejecting bids for Chemicals and Quicklime
04-06-2021 O2021-07- Emergency Setting Appropriations for current Expenses
04-06-2021 O2021-08- (FAILED) Vacating a portion of the Alley Running East between First and Second
04-20-2021 O2021-09- Authorizing Settlement Payment
04-20-2021 O2021-10-Emergency authorizing the City Manager to apply for USDA Grant
04-20-2021 O2021-11-Emergency- Setting Appropriations
04-20-2021 O2021-12-Emergency- Transfer and Advance Funds
05-04-2021 O2021-13- Vacating A portion of alley running east west located between first and second
05-04-2021 O2021-14-Emergency- Agreement for state capital Improvement for Pool Project
06-01-2021 O2021-15- Vacating a portion of the alley and right away for cemetery road
05-18-2021 O2021-16-Emergency- Setting Appropriations for current expense year
06-01-2021 O2021-17- Submission to the electorate of an amendment to section 9, meetings, of the charter
06-15-2021 O2021-18- Authorizing the City Manager to submit application for CCA Grant
06-15-2021 O2021-19-Emergency- Authorizing the City Manager to submit an application for the VOCA Grant
07-20-2021 O2021-20- Establishing paid holidays for appointed and full time officials
07-20-2021 O2021-21- Authorizing Virtual meetings and attendance
07-06-2021 O2021-22- (FAILED) Amending codified ordinance section " Mobile Food Vendor"
08-03-2021 O2021-23- Setting Appropriations for the Current Expenses
08-03-2021 O2021-24- Transfer or Advance of funds
08-17-2021 O2021-25- (FAILED) Establishment and enforcement of penalties and legal remedies for violations
08-17-2021 O2021-26- (FAILED) Fair Housing definitions
09-07-2021 O2021-27- Authorizing and directing the city manager to enter into agreement with USI Insurance services
09-21-2021 O2021-28- Emergency- Authorizing the city manager to inter into contract with Gallia County
09-21-2021 O2021-29- Emergency- Setting appropriations
09-21-2021 O2021-30- Emergency- Donate interest
09-21-2021 O2021-31- Emergency- transfer funds
10-05-2021 O2021-32- Medical coverage for FT employees and appointed officials
10-05-2021 O2021-33- Disposition of property
10-19-2021 O2021-34- Bonus or clothing allowance to employees
10-19-2021 O2021-35- Bonus to Gallipolis Firefighters
10-19-2021 O2021-36- Premium pay for essential workers
10-19-2021 O2021-37- Letter of Agreement with Jeanne Ingles FNP-BC
10-19-2021 O2021-38- Amending compensation
10-19-2021 O2021-39- Issue permits to charitable organizations
10-19-2021 O2021-40- Temporary appropriations for current expenses for 2022
09-28-2021 O2021-41- Emergency- Setting appropriations for current expenses of the city
10-19-2021 O2021-42- State Auditor's Services
10-19-2021 O2021-43- Accepting/Rejecting Bids for highway de-icing salt
11-02-2021 O2021-44-Payment of legal services to indigent citizens
11-02-2021 O2021-45- GPS Date Collection and GIS Mapping for public drinking water
11-02-2021 O2021-46- Healthcare services for city employees
11-02-2021 O2021-47- Healthcare services for city employees
10-19-2021 O2021-48- (FAILED) Mobile Food Vending
11-16-2021 O2021-49- Transfer of funds
11-16-2021 O2021-50- Setting appropriations for current expenses
11-16-2021 O2021-51- Vacating a portion of alley between Eastern and Ohio Avenues


02-04-20 O2020-1-Authorizing City Manager to sign the Deed for Vacant Property on Pine Street

02-04-20 O2020-2-Emergency-Authorizing with City Manager to enter Contract for Equipment and Labor

02-04-20 O2020-3-Emergency-Amending Ordinance NO. O2019-37 Setting Temporary Appropriations

03-03-20 O2020-04-Emergency-Jail Contract w/Washington County Sheriff's Office

03-03-20 O2020-05-Emergency-Amend Temporary Appropriations 

03-17-20 O2020-06-Set 2020 Budget Appropriations for FY Ending 12-31-2020  

03-17-20 O2020-07-Authorizing City Auditor to Transfer or Advance Funds  

03-17-20 O2020-08-Amending Salary Ordinances for Project Engineer & Water Treatment Plant Supervisor

03-03-20 O2020-09-emergency-Amending Codified Ord. 1315.03 Building Permit Fees (Street Cuts)

03-03-20 O2020-10-Emergency-Bids for Chemicals and Quicklime

04-07-20 O2020-11-Emergency-Amending Appropriations

04-21-20 O2020-12-Emergency- Amendin Ordinance O2020-06 Setting Appropriations

04-21-20 O2020-13-Emergency- Setting Compensation for Municipal Employees

05-05-20 O2020-14-The Removal of the Ledgers in the Utility Department on certain past due accounts

05-19-20 O2020-15-Emergency-Bids for Water/Sewer Maintenance supplies, Hydrants & Meters

05-19-20 O2020-16-Emergency-Pledging Compliance with SB310 & CARES Act Requirements for Eligible Expenditures

05-19-20 O2020-17-Emergency-Amending Chapter 377 (Golf Cart Ordinance)

06-02-20 O2020-18-Emergency-Submit & Accept (if awarded) VOCA & SVAA Application for coming year

06-16-20 O2020-19-Emergency-Amending transfers or Advances

06-16-20 O2020-20-Emergency- Amending Appropriations

07-07-20 O2020-21-Emergency-Bids for sludge truck

08-04-20 O2020-22-Emergency-Bids for street paving (using OPWC Grant) 

08-04-20 O2020-23-Emergency-Annual Codified Ordinance update

08-04-20 O2020-24-Emergency-Amending Appropriations

08-04-20 O2020-25-Emergency-Authorizing City Manager to seek & enter Electric Aggregation Program

08-18-20 O2020-26-Renewal of Term Life and AD&D insurance for employees & elected/appointed officials

09-01-20 O2020-27-Indigent Defense Contract with County

09-01-20 O2020-28-Emergency-VSP Vision Insurance Contract Renewal

09-01-20 O2020-29-Emergency-Authorizing CM to Acquire Interest in Property on SR588 for Slip Repair

09-01-20 O2020-30-Emergency-Final Agreement w/State for SR588 Slip Repair ($580,000 project)

09-15-20 O2020-31- Emergency- Plan of Operation and Governance for Natural Gas Aggregation

09-15-20 O2020-32- Emergency- Agreement with the State of Ohio for the 588 slip repair

09-15-20 O2020-33- Emergency- Setting Appropriations

09-15-20 O2020-34- Emergency- Transfer or Advance Funds

10-06-20 O2020-35- Emergency- Bids for Highway De-Icing Salt, Calcium Chloride, & Cold Mix

10-06-20 O2020-36-Emergency -Bids for Paving City Streets (OPWC Grant)

10-06-20 O2020-37-Emergency- Agreement w/PEP for General Liability & Property Insurance

10-06-20 O2020-38- Emergency- Final Agreement w/ODOT for $1.2 million SR588 Slip Repair

11-17-20 O2020-39-Hospitalization, Medical & Major Medical, Drug & Dental Insurance contract

10-27-20 O2020-40-Emergency-Amending Appropriations

10-27-20 O2020-41-Emergency- Amending Transfers & Advances

10-27-20 O2020-42-Emergency - Agreement for electric aggregtion plan with SOPEC

10-27-20 O2020-43-Emergency - Approving SOPEC Plan of Operation & Governance

11-17-20 O2020-44-Emergency- Amending Appropriations

11-17-20 O2020-45-Emergency- Authorizing Payment of a Bonus to The Gallipolis Fire Department

11-17-20 O2020-46-Emergency-Authorizing Payment or Clothing Allowance

11-17-20 O2020-47-Emergency-Autherizing and Directing CM to Issue Permits to Charitable Organizations

11-17-20 O2020-48-Emergency-Autherizing and Directing CM to enter Agreement with Jeanie Ingles

11-17-20 O2020-49-Emergency-Autherizing and Directing Cm to enter Agreement for State Capitol Project Improvement

11-17-20 O2020-50-Emergency-Autherizing Cm to get into Agreement with Local Government Services

12-29-20 O2020-51-Emergency-Setting Temporary Appropriations for Current Expense for the Calendar year 2021

12-29-20 O2020-52-Emergency- Setting Compensation for Municipal Employees and Appointed Officials

12-29-20 O2020-53-Emergency- Setting Compensation for Municipal Employees and Appointed Officials

12-29-20 O2020-54-Emergency-Enter into a Letter of Agreement with Canaday Care LLC

12-29-20 O2020-55-Emergency - Enter into a Letter of Agreement with Rio Family Healthcare

12-29-20 O2020-56-Emergency- Setting Appropriations for current expenses

12-29-20 O2020-57-Emergency- Transfer or Advance Funds

12-29-20 O2020-58- Emergency- Authorizing City Manager to enter into Contract with the Gallia County for Equipment and Labor

12-29-20 O2020-59-Emergency- Authorizing to enter into a Agreement with Holzer Clinic


1-08-19 O2019-01-Emergency-Amending salary Ordinance (Utility Office Supervisor)

1-08-19 O2019-02-Emergency-Amending Temporary Appropriations

1-22-19 O2019-03-Emergency-Morrow County Jail Contract

2-5-19 O2019-04- Amending Sewer Rates for 2019 & 2020

2-19-19 O2019-05-Emergency- Bids for Chemicals and Quickline

3-5-19 O2019-06- Budget Appropriations Ordinance

3-05-19 O2019-07- Transfers and Advances

3-19-19 O2019-08-Setting Vacation Accruals for City Manager

4-2-19 O2019-09-Authorizing the City Manager to submit CDBG Application

4-16-19 O2019-10-Village of Middleport Jail Contract

4-16-19 O2019-11-Amend Appropriations

5-07-19 O2019-12-EMergency-Bids for Water/Sewer Maintenance Supplies, Hydrants, & Meters

05-07-19 O2019-13- Emergency-Amending Appropriations

05-07-19 O2019-14-Emergency-Amending Transfers & Advances

06-04-19 O2019-15-Emergency-Amending Appropriations

06-04-19 O2019-16-Emergency-Authorizing Purchase of Real Property( 535 & 539 Third, 532 & 534 Second, & 0 Cherry Road

06-04-19 O2019-17-Emergency-Authorizing Sale to County Parking lot at 527,531,533,& 535 Second Avenue

06-04-19 O2019-18-Emergency-Authorizing VOCA & SVAA Grant Applications

07-02-19 O2019-19-Emergency-Amending Appropriations

07-02-19 O2019-20-Emergency-Amending Salary Ordinance ( Police Department)

07-16-19 O2019-21-Emergency-Amending Appropriations

08-06-19 O2019-22-Emergency-Authorizing ODOT Bridge Inspection Program Contract

09-03-19 O2019-23-Amending Section 921.05(G) (1) $2/Month Senior Discount for Water Customers

09-03-19 O2019-24-Amending Section 925.07(G) (1) $2/Month Senior Discount for Sewer Customers

09-03-19 O2019-25-Emergency-Adopting Codified Ordinance Current Replacement Pages

09-03-19 O2019-26-Emergency-Rumpke Solid Waste Bsid Accepted

09-03-19 O2019-27-Emergency- Setting Rates for 2019-2022 Residential Refuse Customers

09-03-19 O2019-28-Emergency-Agreement w/State for SR588 Slip Repair

09-03-19 O2019-29-Emergency-Amending Appropriations

09-17-19 O2019-30-Establishing Section 1355 " Dwelling Structure Requirement " of Codified Ordinances

09-17-19 O2019-31-Emergency-Amending Appropriations

09-17-19 O2019-32-Emergency-Amending Transfers & Advances

10-01-19 O2019-33-Emergency-Agreement w/PEP for property/liability insurance

10-01-19 O2019-34-Emergency-Accepting bids for highway salt, calcium chloride, & cold mix

10-01-19 O2019-35-Emergency-Amending Appropriations

11-05-19 O2019-36-Emergency-Allowing Boot-drive permits for certain charitable Organizations

11-19-19 O2019-37-Setting 2020 Temporary Appropriations

11/05/19 O2019-38-Emergency-2020 Contract with County for Indigent Defense

11-05-19 O2019-39-Emergency-Employee Bonus/Clothing Allowance

11-05-19 O2019-40-Emergency-Bonus for Gallipolis Fire Department

11-05-19 O2019-41-Emergency-Electric Recharging Stations Bond W/OVB

11-05-19 O2019-42-Emergency-AMending Appropriations

11-05-19 O2019-43-Emergency-Amending Transfers and Advances

11-19-19 O2019-44-2020 Health Insurance & Dental Insurance

12-27-19 O2019-45-Letter of Agreement with Gallia County Health Department

12-27-19 O2019-46-Agreement with Highland County Sheriff's Office for Housing of Prisoners

12-27-19 O2019-47-Letter of Agreement with Jeanie Ingles

12-27-19 O2019-48-Letter of Agreement with Canaday

11-19-19 O2019-49-Emergency-Amending Appropriations

11-19-19 O2019-50-Emergency-Amending Transfers and Advances

12-27-19 O2019-51-Vacation Accruals for City Manager

12-27-19 O2019-52-Emergency-Letter of Agreement with Rio Family

12-27-19 O2019-53-Emergency-Accepting and Rejecting bids for Asphalt, Limestone, and Bedding Sand

12-27-19 O2019-54- Emergency Setting Appropriations



01-23-18 O2018-01 Emergency-Compensation for Appointted Officials-Clerk MC

01-23-18 O2018-02 Emergency- Amending 2018 Temporary Appropriations

02-06-18 O2018-03 Adopting 2018 International Property Maintenance Code

02-06-18 O2018-04 Amending Zoning Map

01-23-18 O2018-05 Emergency-Agreement with Gallia Co Health Dept for Primary Care

01-23-18 O2018-06 Emergency Building Permits

02-20-18 O2018-07 Emergency-Cemetery Fees

03-06-18 O2018-08 Setting 2018 Budget Appropriations

03-06-18 O2018-09 Transfer and Advance Funds

02-20-18 O2018-10 Emergency-Contract with ODOT for Bridge Inspection Program

03-06-18 O2018-11 Emergency- Bids for Chemical and Quicklime

03-20-18 O2018-12 Emergency-Tamper with Water and Sewer Service

03-20-18 O2018-13 Emergency- Amending 1315.01 Permit - Building

03-20-18 O2018-14 Emergency-921.01 Connection Permit Required-Water

03-20-18 O2018-15 Emergency-Cruzet Avenue and Eastern Avenue - Vacating unnamed alleyway

04-17-18 O2018-16 Emergency-Amending Appropriations

05-15/18 O2018-17 Emergency-Bids Water/Sewer

05-15-18 O2018-18 Emergency-Setting Appropriations

06-05-18 O2018-19 Emergency-Bids for Generator for Water Plant

07-17-18 O2018-21 Term Life Insurance for Employees

07-17-18 O2018-22 Agreement with GASB-34 Local Government Services

07-03-18 O2018-23 Emergency-Amending Appropriations

07-03-18 O2018-24 Emergency-Transfer and Advance Funds

08-21-18 O2018-25 Revise Codified Ordinances - Replacement Pages

08-21-18 O2018-26 Haskins Park and Canaday Park Closing Hours

08-21-18 O2018-27 Emergency-Bids for Paving City Streets

08-21-18 O2018-28 Emergency-Amending Appropriations

08-21-18 O2018-29 Emergency-Transfer and Advance Funds

08-21-18 O2018-30 Emergency-Bids for Restoring Bandstand

09-04-18 O2018-31 Emergency-Agreement for Vision Insurance

09-18-18 O2018-32 Emergency-Amending Section 549.09 Discharging Firearms

09-18-18 O2018-33 Emergency-Establishing Section 1343.08 Res. Structures Exhibiting Persistent Criminal Activity

10-02-18 O2018-34 Emergency-Amending Appropriations

10-02-18 O2018-35 Emergency-PEP General Liability & Property Insurance

11-06-18 O2018-36 Contract w/County for Emergency Management Services

10-16-18 O2018-37 Emergency-VESI Natural Gas Aggregation Program

10-16-18 O2018-38 Emergency-Amending Section D2(b) "Maintenance Employees" of the Salary Ordinance

10-16-18 O2018-39 Emergency-Accepting & Rejecting Bids for Highway Salt, Calcium Chloride, & Cold Mix

11-27-18 O2018-40 Emergency-Agreement w/Jeanne Ingles FNP for Healthcare Services

11-27-18 O2018-41 Emergency-Accepting Bids for Asphalt, Limestone and Bedding Sand

12-04-18 O2018-42 Emergency-Contract w/Gallia Co. for Boarding of Prisoners

11-27-18 O2018-43 Emergency-Bonus or Clothing Allowance for FT & Eligible PT Employees

11-27-18 O2018-44 Emergency-Contract w/Highland County Sheriff for Housing of Prisoners

11-27-18 O2018-45 Emergency-Permitting Certain Charitable Organizations to Solicit Donations from Vehicle Occupants

11-27-18 O2018-46 Emergency-Bonus for Gallipolis Fire Department Firefighters

11-27-18 O2018-47 Emergency-Contract w/Gallia County for Equipment & Labor

11-27-18 O2018-48 Emergency-Amending Appropriations

11-27-18 O2018-49 Emergency-Transfer & Advance Funds

11-27-18 O2018-50 Hospitalization, Medical & Major Medical, Drug and Dental Insurance Coverage

11-27-18 O2018-51 Amending Employee Portion of Health Insurance Coverage

11-27-18 O2018-52 Emergency-Agreement w/County for Indigent Defense

12-04-18 O2018-53 Emergency-Amending Water Leak Insurance Program to In Unless Opted Out

12-04-18 O2018-54 Emergency-2019 Temporary Appropriations

12-04-18 O2018-55 Emergency-Agreement w/Canaday Care, LLC for Healthcare Services


01-03-17   Ord2017-01  Healthcare for Employees, Jeannie Ingles

01-17-17   Ord2017-02   Vacant Property and Building Registration

01-17-17   Ord2017-03   Emergency-Levy for purpose of public safety on ballot May2, 2017

01-17-17   Ord2017-04   Emergency-Setting Appropriations

02-21-17   Ord2017-05   Canaday Care-Healthcare Services

03-07-17   Ord2017-06   Setting Appropriations

03-07-17   Ord2017-07   Transfer and Advance Funds

03-07-17   Ord2017-08   Setting Compensation for Salaried Employees

03-21-17   Ord2017-09   Bids-Chemicals and Quicklime

03-21-17   Ord2017-10   Change Order No 8-WPCF

03-21-17   Ord2017-11   Emergency-City Pool Improvement

03-21-17   Ord2017-12   Emergency-Airport Road Improvement Project

03-21-17   Ord2017-13   Emergency-Setting Appropriations

03-21-17   Ord2017-14   Transfer and Advance Funds

05-02-17   Ord2017-15   Amemding Section 4, Compensation for Salaried Employees

05-23-17   Ord2017-16   Healthcare Services for Holzer Clinic

05-02-17   Ord2017-17   Emergency-Agreement with CT Consultants For Amendment 4 WPCF

05-23-17   Ord2017-18   Utility Service and Code Enforcement Past Due Accounts

05-02-17   Ord2017-19   Emergency-Bids Water/Sewer Supplies

05-23-17   Ord2017-20   Rental Agreement with Pitney Bowes. Inc

05-23-17   Ord2017-21   Application for VOCA Grant Agreement

05-23-17   Ord2017-22   Setting Appropriations

05-23-17   Ord2017-23   Transfer and Advance Funds

06-27-17   Ord2017-24   Emergency-Gallipolis Railroad Exempt from Utility Bills

07-18-17   Ord2017-25   Parking Violation Fines Update

08-01-17   Ord2017-27   Emergency- Agreement with Competitive Retail Electric Provider

08-22-17   Ord2017-28   Emergency-Codified Ordinances Adopting Replacement Pages

08-22-17   Ord2017-29   Emergency- Transfer and Advance Funds

08-22-17   Ord2017-30   Emergency Setting Appropriations

10-03-17   Ord2017-31   Liability of Property Owners

10-03-17   Ord2017-32   Establishing overnight camping on streets and parking areas

10-03-17   Ord2017-33   Liability for Service, Delinquency; Exemption

09-25-17   Ord2017-34   Emergency-Setting Appropriations

09-25-17   Ord2017-35   Emergency-Transfer and Advance Funds

10-03-17   Ord2017-36   Emergency-Bids Highway Salt/Calcium/ Cold Mix

10-17-17   Ord2017-37   Emergency-Agreement with USI Insurance Services PEP

10-31-17   Ord2017-38   Emergency-Hospitalization Insurance

11-14-17   Ord2017-39   Emergency-Charitable Organizations to Solicit

11-14-17   Ord2017-40   Emergency-Bonus for Full and Part Time Employees

11-14-17   Ord2017-41   Emergency-Setting Appropriations

12-05-17   Ord2017-42   Emergency-Setting Appropriations

12-05-17   Ord2017-43   Emergency-Medical Insurance Rates Set

12-05-17   Ord2017-44   Emergency- Setting Compensation for Employees

12-05-17   Ord2017-45   Emergency-Bonus Fire Dept

12-05-17   Ord2017-46   Emergency Agreement with Canaday Care for Healthcare

12-05-17   Ord2017-47   Emergency-Agreement with Jeanne Ingles for Healthcare

12-05-17   Ord2017-48   Emergency-Highland County Sheriff -Housing of Prisoners

12-05-17   Ord2017-49   Emergency - Gallia County Boarding of Prisoners

12-05-17   Ord2017-50   Emergency - Agreement with Co Commissioners for Legal Services-Indigent Citizens

12-05-17   Ord2017-51   Emergency Contract with Gallia Co for Equipment and Labor

12-05-17   Ord2017-52   Emergency- Setting Appropriations

Ordinance 2016

01-19-16 OrdO2016-01 Plan of Operation for Electric Aggregation Program
01-05-16 OrdO2016-02 Emergency-Agreement with Jeanne Ingles FNP-BC
01-05-16 OrdO2016-03 Emergency-Change Order No.2 Mechanical Construction
01-05-16 OrdO2016-04 Emergency-Agreement with Canaday Care LLC
02-02-16 OrdO2016-05 Emergency-Building Permit Fees
02-02-16 OrdO2016-06 Emergency-Amending Chapter 715.05, fees (Garage Sales)
02-02-16 OrdO2016-07 Emergency- Registration for Municipal Income Tax Dept
02-02-16 OrdO2016-08 Emergency-Cemetery Fees
02-02-16 OrdO2016-09 Emergency-Setting A Temporary Appropriations
02-18-16 OrdO2016-10 Emergency-Setting Temporary Appropriations
02-18-16 OrdO2016-11 Emergency-Change Order#3 Mechanical Construction Co
03-15-16 OrdO2016-12 Setting Appropriations
03-15-16 OrdO2016-13 Transfer and Advances
03-01-16 OrdO2016-14 Emergency-Bids for Quicklime and Chemicals
03-01-16 OrdO2016-15 Emergency-Agreement with State Auditors Office (GASB-34) 2014-15
03-01-16 OrdO2016-16 Emergency- Bonds -Parking Lot
03-15-16 OrdO2016-17 Emergency-Change Order #4 Mechanical Construction
04-05-16 OrdO2016-18 Emergency-Setting Appropriations
04-05-16 OrdO2016-19 Emergency-Transfer and Advances
05-03-16 OrdO2016-20 Emergency-Change Order No 5, Mechanical Construction
05-03-16 OrdO2016-21 Income Tax Levy
05-03-16 OrdO2016-22 Mobile Food Vending
05-03-16 OrdO2016-23 Sale of Real Property- Gallipolis Railroad Freight
05-31-16 OrdO2016-24 Setting Appropriations
05-31-16 OrdO2016-25 Transfer and Advances
05-31-16 OrdO2016-26 Application for Victims Crime Act
05-31-16 OrdO2016-27 Sale of Real Property-Gallipolis Island
05-31-16 OrdO2016-28 Bids-Water /Sewer Maintenance Supplies, Hydrants, Meters
05-31-16 OrdO2016-29 Compensation for Salaried Employees
05-31-16 OrdO2016-30 Community Development Block Grant
06-21-16 OrdO2016-31 Codified Ordinance Pawnbrokers and Second hand Dealers
07-19-16 OrdO2016-32 Fee Schedule for Property Maintenance Code Violations
07-19-16 OrdO2016-33 Term Life Ins for Employees
07-19-16 OrdO2016-34 Setting Appropriations
08-23-16 OrdO2016-35 Natural Gas Aggregation Program
08-02-16 OrdO2016-36 Setting Appropriations
08-02-16 OrdO2016-37 Transfer and Advance Funds
08-02-16 OrdO2016-38 Emergency-Bids for Riverfront Project
09-06-16 OrdO2016-39 Codified Ordinances Replacement Page
09-06-16 OrdO2016-40 Agreement for Vision Insurance
09-20-16 OrdO2016-41 Grant-ODNR and US Fish and Wildlife Service
09-20-16 OrdO2016-42 Change Order No. 6 and 7 - WPCIP
09-20-16 OrdO2016-43 Setting Appropriations
09-20-16 OrdO2016-44 Transfer and Advance Funds
10-18-16 OrdO2016-45 Highland County Sheriff Dept-Agreement housing prisoners
10-04-16 OrdO2016-46 Emergency Bids-Highway Salt, Calcium Chlordie, Cold Mix
10-18-16 OrdO2016-47 Contract for Hospitlization, Medical and Major Medical Drug and Dental for Employees
10-04-16 OrdO2016-48 Emergency-Agreement with USI Insurance for Liability and Property
10-04-16 OrdO2016-49 Emergency Agreement with Morrow County-Housing Prisoners
10-18-16 OrdO2016-50 Agreement with State Auditor (GASB-34 Look-Alike Statements for 2016-17)
10-18-16 OrdO2016-51 Setting Appropriations
10-18-16 OrdO2016-52 Transfer and Advance Funds
10-18-16 OrdO2016-53 Charitable Organizations to Solicit from Vehicle
11-15-16 OrdO2016-54 Removal From Ledgers Utility Office-Past Due Accounts
12-06-16 OrdO2016-55 Contract with County for Emergency Management Services
12-06-16 OrdO2016-56 Agreement with Middleport Ohio Housing Prisoners
11-15-16 OrdO216-57 Setting Appropriations
11-15-16 OrdO2016-58 Setting Appropriations
11-15-16 OrdO2016-59 Transfer and Advances
12-06-16 OrdO2016-60 Bids-Limestone Asphalt Bedding Sand
12-06-16 OrdO216-61 License Fees-Codified Ordinances
12-06-16 OrdO2016-62 Contract with County for Equipment and Labor
12-06-16 OrdO2016-63 Setting Appropriations
12-06-16 OrdO2016-64 Transfer and Advances
12-06-16 OrdO2016-65 Agreement with Gallia Co-Legal Services
12-06-16 OrdO2016-66 Agreement with Gallia Co-Boarding Prisoners
12-06-16 OrdO2016-67 Payment of Bonus to full-time Employees
01-03-17 OrdO2016-68 Appropriate Real Property 754 4th Avenue

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