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The Gallipolis City Commission passed an ordinance that will allow the use of golf carts on the streets of the municipality under certain conditions.  Click here to see the ordinance.


  •  A golf cart is a vehicle with not less than 3 wheels in contact with the ground
  • Is originally designed and constructed with a top attainable speed of 20 mph or less, or is not originally designed and constructed for operation on a street or highway. 
  • The golf cart may not weigh more than one thousand, eight hundred pounds
  • Is designed to carry not more than four people including the driver.


Certificates of inspection are good for only one year or 365 days and the golf cart must be re-inspected each year before the expiration of the current inspection. Certificates shall be kept inside the golf cart along with registration and proof of insurance. Golf carts must also display a sticker issued by the Gallipolis Police Department on the lower left corner of the windshield.


An applicant who wishes to register a golf cart must proceed as described below. 


Procedure for Inspection and Registration.


  • Bring your golf cart to the Gallipolis Police Department.  (If the golf cart has not been inspected by the Gallipolis Police Department and registered with the State of Ohio, the golf cart must be trailered or placed on a another vehicle which may be legally operated on the streets and highways).
  • Pay $20.00 Inspection fee.
  • The Chief of Police of Gallipolis or his designee shall inspect, and if the golf cart successfully passes the inspection, provide the applicant with a certificate of inspection. 
  • Go to the Clerk of Courts Title Office at 499 Jackson Pike. The clerk will verify the inspection certificate accompanies the title evidence and the golf cart inspection requirements of O.A.C. 4501:2-If verified and everything else is in order, the clerk will issue the title.
  • Take the title to a deputy registrar. If all is in order, the deputy registrar will issue license plates.
  • Operate the golf cart in accordance with O.R.C. Chapter 4511 and with the equipment required by O.R.C. Chapter 4513 and Gallipolis City Ordinance 377.


Inspection Hours


Inspections will be conducted Monday's and Friday's from 9:00 am to noon.



Inspections will take place at the Gallipolis Police Department at 518 Second Avenue.



Items to be inspected are:


  • Proof of Liability Insurance
  • Steering shall be inspected to determine if:
    • Steering assembly operates normally.
    • There is not more than the following movement (play) in steering wheel:
    • Power steering-two inches
    • Manual steering-three inches
    • Sector shaft is secure.
    • There is no binding or excessive lash in the steering assembly.
  • At least one rear tail light.
  • Rear license plate light (must be white).
  • At least one brake light.
  • Two working headlights or equivalent with at least one near each side of the front of the golf cart. Said lights shall be in working order.
  • Two red reflectors either as a part of the tail lamps or separately, meeting the requirements of Section 4513.06 of the ORC.
  • Working horn which is in good working order and capable of emitting sound audible, under normal conditions, for a distance of not less than two hundred feet.
  • Rear view mirror shall be so located as to reflect to the operator a view of the highway to the rear of such golf cart. The operator shall have a clear unobstructed view to the rear of the golf cart by mirror.
  • Must have turn signals
  • Shall be equipped with seat belt assemblies as required in Section 4513.262 of the Revised Code.
  • License plate brackets on the front and rear.
  • All tires shall have a minimum of one sixteenth of one inch depth of tread on the road surface. All tires shall be free of major bumps or bulges, breaks, thrown tread or any condition which would constitute an unsafe condition.
  • Wheel rims shall not be badly bent or twisted. Wheel bolts, nuts, studs, or lugs shall not be loose, missing or damaged.
  • Brakes will be inspected to determine if:
    • There is sufficient brake pedal. Hydraulic brake system shall be tested with golf cart in a stopped position. Driver should be able to maintain brake pedal height under moderate foot force (forty to sixty pounds) for one minute.
    • There is sufficient brake pedal reserve. With a golf cart in stopped position and the brake pedal depressed under moderate foot force (forty to sixty pounds for non-powered systems and fifteen to twenty pounds in power assisted systems) there shall be a minimum of approximately one-third of the total available pedal travel (manufacturers specification) remaining on non-power assisted systems. On power assisted systems, checking with motor running, there shall be one-fifth or more of the total available pedal travel remaining when pedal is depressed under moderate foot force.
  • Shall not be equipped with or permitted to have protruding objects or broken sharp edges of body or golf cart parts, which would be dangerous to any person coming in contact with same.
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